Top Tips for Investing in a Second-Hand Campervan

You often find that many people prefer to buy a second-hand campervan over a brand new one, especially if it’s their first time owning this type of vehicle. There’s something slightly more interesting about second-hand campervans, from their bold characteristics and the reliable parts that have been serviced and maintained frequently. Whilst buying a brand-new campervan is always a dream for many motorhome owners, it’s a very expensive option and often comes with all kinds of additional costs as time progresses. It’s important to be particular when it comes to investing time and money into something such as a campervan and these simple yet useful tips will help you make sure you’re going through the process correctly.


Carry Out Research

Purchasing a campervan is a really exciting process, especially if you’re passionate about motorhomes. Unlike buying a car, the campervan purchasing process has many more elements to consider. The main thing to focus on is practicality. Whilst a state of the art campervan is always ideal, it needs to be suitable and accommodating to your needs. There’s no point investing in a tiny VW van that looks snazzy but doesn’t actually fit your whole family inside. Take some time to carry out some valuable research, looking at campervans of different ages, models and styles, to give yourself a good understanding of what is available to you. By carrying out this research and doing your homework, you’ll come across things you may not have known or thought about before, which will help you make the right choice in the end.

Set a Realistic Budget

It’s very easy to get carried away when it comes to purchasing a vehicle of any kind, but with a campervan, there are so many different models and designs that it can become a minefield! If you go into a sale with no budget, you’ll end up spending far too much money and regretting your decision further down the line. Take some time to devise a realistic budget to work with, as this will help you narrow down your search and filter through the different campervans that are actually going to be right for you. Think about what you want your campervan to be like, as this is important when setting a budget. You don’t want to set a small budget if you’re looking for a campervan that has been modified, kitted out and had a fortune spent on it. You also need to take into consideration your plans for the future. If you’re planning on investing in some campervan conversion kits to fully kit out your van, then you don’t want to spend all of your allocated money on the vehicle itself.

Have a Test Drive

Driving a second-hand vehicle can feel very different to a brand new one. With a campervan being such a big vehicle in comparison to other vehicles, it’s really beneficial to give it a test drive and get a feel for its size and how it drives before you make any decisions. Everyone is different when it comes to driving, no matter what the vehicle may be, so it’s always going to be a strong benefit to have experienced how the campervan drives beforehand. Look out for key signs such as break strength, the feel of the clutch and even the smoothness of the drive itself, as these are factors that can actually stop someone from making a purchase, if they’re not as they should be.

The Important Checks

Before you invest any money in a second-hand campervan, you need to see the vehicle and check it over. It’s so easy for the seller to tell you everything is in pristine condition, without mentioning the hard to notice crack under the bonnet or the chip mark on the alloy. You need to be one hundred percent sure that the campervan is exactly as it says on the advert, including all of the key parts. If the campervan does have any minor defects, being aware of these will enable you to decide whether you want to invest and fix these up yourself, or if it’ll result in additional costs that aren’t worth it to you.

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