The 5 Cocktails Trends That Will Rule 2017


Modern lifestyle is driven by trends, which are often created by celebrities, or clever marketing campaigns, and once a fashion takes hold, its influence can sweep the world. This isn’t only true with the clothing industry, it also applies to the social scene, and what people are drinking is often a cause for some media attention. If you want to have your finger on the pulse on the coming year’s cocktail trends, here is a brief rundown of the popular mixes that will be seen in all the right bars.

  1. Low ABV – This year’s trend will still focus on alcohol by volume, as more and more people are aware of the strict alcohol driving limitations that are in place today. Another reason for this is many people prefer to drink more in hot climates, and if the alcohol content is lower, they will not end up too impaired. If you work in the CBD district, Gramercy Bar and Kitchen is one of the best cocktail bars in Perth that serve low alcohol cocktails, which is the ideal way to unwind after a hard day at the office.
  1. Coconut and Turmeric – Healthy drinks are high on the list for most people, so expect to see lashings of either coconut or Turmeric, which are both healthy and offer a unique taste. The coconut cocktails have always been in the form of the umbrella cocktail, but it will be used in some ingenious ways, especially with white rum and fig syrup.
  1. Brandy Based Cocktails – Brandy has always been considered the after dinner liqueur drink, but this year you will see brandy based cocktails. Apple and peach brandies add a spice of taste that will blend well with vermouth or even gin. If you work in the CBD, there are excellent Perth bars where you can really relax and unwind after a tough day.
  1. The Year of Martini – According to the experts, Martini will see a big revival, as last year saw a raised interest in gin and vermouth cocktails. Frappe will be big in the summer, and with low ABV, it will make the ideal beach refresher. The classic gin and vodka Martini has never lost its following, and there will be subtle variations that dominate the nightclub scene.
  1. A Change of Attitude – For many years, cocktails were considered as something for the ladies to consume, but all has changed in the past few years, with male drinkers making up a larger majority of the cocktail market. This means there will be many variations of whisky and vodka based cocktails, and if you visit the trendy bars, expect to see more guys drinking these mixes. The unique tastes are quite addictive, and people soon discover a drink they really enjoy, and that becomes their preferred choice.

The number of people who are turning to cocktails is growing, and with healthier alternatives, drinkers have a more varied choice for any social occasion.


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