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Safari holiday – experience the primal pleasure of being immersed in nature


Whenever we mention “Africa”, the first thing that pops in our heads is “Safari”; with its wild and majestic animals and guided tours. But Africa is so much more than that. So much so in fact, that it represents a perfect wedding getaway for couples of all kinds. Most importantly, it’s out of reach of the modern world and very budget-friendly. What are some of the places you could take a look at if you’re considering South Africa as your honeymoon destination?

Knysna, Garden Route

The Lazy Leopard in Knysna allows couples multiple choices when booking accommodations; the region is known for its natural beauty, and this is what the people of The Lazy Leopard are going for. Couples can choose from staying in a bush hut, with a view of the forest or a nearby valley or even stay in the forest itself. Rest assured, the forest accommodation is as safe as it can get; after all, it’s a pretty sought-after option for couples looking for a getaway.

safari holiday

Plett, Garden Route

On a more civilized note, the Whalesong Coastal Lodge offers best of the both worlds. Situated just above Cape Town, it offers a view of the city below and the nature surrounding the residence itself, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. The interior design is a marvel in itself, with native African motifs, and a classic “fireplace next to a bar” living space. Best of all, the balcony overlooking the world beneath you is a sight to remember. Whalesong offers honeymoon suites for you to choose, so why not give it a shot?

Kagga Kamma, Western Cape

The Kagga Kamma Lodge is a story for itself. It offers the best South Africa has to offer when talking about an outdoors experience. What’s better than sleeping with a million stars looking after you and your significant other? While the lodge houses outdoor beds (that are safe and comfortable), it also offers couples to spend the night in the lodge itself. Occasional picnics and outdoor getaways might be enough for some couples, since we’re all accustomed to sleeping outside might not make you feel safe or comfortable.

Ballito, KZN

Labori, Ballito is a self-catering resort in a fairly popular African town. It’s perfect for couples looking for just a bit of Africa, while also craving for the modern world, since the town is a popular and advanced tourist destination. The self-catering apartments are well equipped with comfortable beds, kitchens and balconies. The town itself sports everything you could possibly need when going on a holiday, from two comfy beaches, to shops, night clubs, bars, and walkways. Consider it if you’re in for something more “modern”. You can’t go wrong with a Labori honeymoon.

To top it all off, going for a safari trip around the African safari parks might just be what sells you on an idea of an African honeymoon. A guided 10+ day tour that allows you to experience all that Africa has to offer is a great way to spend some together time. While the tours vary in activities, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. Just think about spending a day with your loved one, somewhere down in South Africa. Imagine a guide taking you to a tree house (those really are a thing) for some well-deserved rest after exploring a valley full of native African animals. And that’s just one day out of ten. While lodgings and hostels are great, having a little bit of adventure as newly-weds might just be what you need.

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African Safari

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