Vacationing with pets, a trend on the rise

Vacationing with pets, a trend on the rise

Colombia HomeAway users can find more than 100 properties and globally Pet Friendly travelers can find over 250,000 properties.

To avoid farewells and missing our pets, more and more places allow us to make our days off with our dog or cat. Besides saving on childcare costs, invites us to enjoy a complete holiday with “the whole family “these days we took a year for holidays or bridge.

Today, owners of dogs and cats are becoming more concerned and aware to give your pet a better quality of life, this trend vacation with them is called “pet friendly” and became temporary vacation rentals Colombia and the world.

In Colombia HomeAway users can find more than 100 properties Pet Friendly, destinations with the highest penetration of vacation rentals that allow pets are: Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin and Santa Marta; HomeAway global travelers can find over 250,000 properties with these features.

There are all kinds of properties for vacation rentals that allow pets, you can find properties: swimming pool, sea view apartments and fully equipped farms ideal for a complete holiday with the family. We recommend renting properties with recreational spaces such as parks, courtyards or any place for recreation.

HomeAway recommendations leading online market worldwide holiday when renting a property pet friendly.

1. Planning: since this is a growing trend there is a percentage of properties that are not yet supported pets, so plan and book early is one of the important points that no one is left out of the rest days. In addition to remember the visit to the vet to give us advice and check the health of your pet before leaving.

2. Search and book : portals of holiday rentals on the Internet as HomeAway, to find a property that allows us to take our dog or cat, you just have you enter your destination want for the trip and then select from all options: “pets”.

Once you find the right destination for your trip you must identify the house or property that suits you best according to many people and chosen destination. When booking, confirm that attended type of animal: dog or cat and check the amenities you have to avoid disappointment.

3. The Journey : Learn about health regulations for road travel and / or plane, prepares documentation with everything you need for your pet safe and comfortable journey: food, crates, leashes, others.

4. The stay : remember to take the belongings of the pet to feel at home: food, drinking, clothing, food; and thus the change of location does not cause stress or mood swings.