How to plan a trip online

How to plan a trip online

Farms and manors: preferred for bridges and vacation getaways in mid-year.

According to HomeAway Colombia, it is increased by 40% vacation homes with pools for this season.

The favorite places for this season are Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

Bridge trips and vacations for June mid-year the temporary rent increase over the Internet by 40%.

According HomeAway , the worldwide leader in vacation rentals with more than 1 million properties in 190 countries, at this time of year the farms and manors are preferred, quieter properties have average capacity for 10 or more people in the areas of : Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

The site notes that women are the most used the platform to make reservations in Colombia: 60% of women and 40% men and 60% of travelers between 25 and 44 years.

HomeAway Colombia shares the list of the most searched houses and farms in the country to vacation during the mid-year holidays.

How to plan a trip online?

We see that the Internet has established itself as the medium in which Colombians begin to plan their getaways or holidays, according to the latest electronic commerce presented by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, category travel and tourism is one that is in the top 3 growth in the country and in Latin America, a large majority of Colombians use the Internet to organize your holidays, whether to seek tourist destinations, to compare prices and / or check availability.

HomeAway highlights some tips for successfully planning a trip over the Internet:

Review the budget with that account to make the trip, in this way help to determine the places that you can go on vacation and the itinerary of your tour.

Choose the destination resort you want to go; it is important to know how much time is available.

Confirm the number of people who will accompany him on holiday and make sure if all have the budget needed to travel comfortably.

Decide what kind of property is the one that best suits the intended budget and needs.

Access platforms provide several options for rental. Internet Search a property for vacation is a trend that is booming, online classified platforms as HomeAway appear on the scene to help those who want to find the best place for holidays .

Before the traveler can book all holiday rentals available, check price and availability and then make the best decision for your vacation.

When you already have all this ready, you can make a list of activities that take place at the place chosen and prepared to enjoy.