Camping, the most natural holiday

Camping, the most natural holiday

The campsite is a specific form of accommodation with its supporters and detractors, who can enjoy the holidays, and it is more comfortable than it may seem.

Just take a walk through any of the more than 700 that will be open this summer to contemplate the varied modern infrastructure which include: shops-villa with independent rooms, others are mounted in just 25 seconds, motor homes incorporating the latest technology, design bungalows, Indian tipis … Has gained in quality and is one of the cheapest ways to travel, and perhaps the most fun and practical for families with children.

But, as with any other place to stay, you must know the rights and duties as users, as well as what must be met and campsites offer. The travel experts CONSUMER EROSKI offer a number of practical and useful tips for both experienced campers and the less initiated. The aim is that during the holidays the only concern is to have fun and relax.

With the information in the suitcase

Enjoy the holiday under the awning of a tent or a caravan roof may seem strange to many people, but brings many attractions. Not surprisingly, more than six million tourists (over 60 national%) chose in our country last summer camping format as holiday accommodation. A

nd the forecast for this summer predicted a good campaign for the sector: in May alone almost two million overnight stays, 1% less than the previous year, which in the current situation can only be interpreted as a good data were recorded. The most popular destinations for tourists tent or bungalow are Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia.

The success of a holiday at a campsite not only depends on the area and no serious setbacks arise. That experience is positive and meets the expectations will depend largely on the state in which it is located and of the quality and diversity of services offered.

To avoid unpleasant surprises is advisable to collect information about your category, available services (bathrooms, showers with hot whether or not water, pool, social club, animation services for the youngest …), whether or not they free, and the quality thereof. Also from the views and testimonies of other campers.

Besides the official guides are published each year on Spanish campsites, lodges Internet web portals where you can see the services available to everyone and where you can even arrange an accommodation booking. Red also abound in forums that, in addition to solving doubts and documented about routes and travel, you can read user reviews on selected campsites for holidays.

As hotels have their own categorization (Luxury, 1st, 2nd and 3rd) depending on the services they offer. So that the user can distinguish a plate or badge placed in a clearly visible at the entrance of the campsite is used, four tents indicate that Luxury, three of which is 1, and so on until a unique shop campaign or triangle that identifies the third.

Tend or bungalow?

Mount the tent in the mud, sleeping on a mat or in the best case, on an inflatable mattress, it is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the neophyte campsites. But today enjoy greater comfort only depends on money that each user can or want to spend.

In recent years the vast majority, in addition to the field or fields in which pitch the tent or RV park and prepared vans, offers the opportunity to stay in wooden bungalows and mobile homes.

Such accommodation combines the amenities of a floor to separate -rooms use, bathroom, kitchen and terrace-with-site services. Yes, the price is higher than camping on a plot format whereby a family of four would pay an average of 30 euros per day, including the land where the store and install the car.

To that amount would have to add 10 euros more in concept electric hook if available caravan or motorhome. Instead, the cost to stay in a ‘mobile home’ or in a bungalow shoot up to between 75 and 125 euros per night. Staying in one of these prefabricated houses is an interesting option for those who want to experience camping for the first time, or to enjoy travel with young children.

Campsites, according to their category

Camping “luxury”. At the entrance will show a poster with four stores-triangles indicate its category. The plots have electricity and hot water in all general health services and all showers, and offer an escrow service and individual safes.

Camping 1st. Three stores distinctive plate-triangles. Feature phones in individual cabins, hot water in all general health services and 50% of showers and individual safes.

The electricity will reach 50% -75% of the plots and additional services not far from the former category.

Camping 2nd. Distinctive shops-plate with two triangles. The main difference from the previous location is usually a little further away from the “best place” but the other services is almost comparable.

Camping 3rd. Plate shop-triangle. In areas such as number of basins, soil characteristics and surface between campers they tend to be somewhat lower than in 2nd class.