5 Tips For Working While Traveling


In the day and age we live in, it’s easier than ever to work from your laptop while being on the go.

With little more than your computer, reliable internet connection, and possibly a cup of coffee, you can easily get work done no matter where you are in the world. It’s certainly one of the appeals of being a freelancer or online entrepreneur: you get to work whenever you feel like it (so long as you remain productive and complete tasks on time) while simultaneously getting to explore the world.

Here are five tips for working while traveling:

Tip #1 – Work On The Plane 

Sure, you could kick back and try to take a nap while on the plane. But this could also be an excellent time to get some work done as well. No, you won’t have access to internet, but if you need to compose a number of emails you can always safe them as drafts and then send them later when you get the chance.

The thing is, when you arrive at your hotel room, you’re likely going to feel tired and hungry, and that’s not exactly the best time to focus on the tasks at hand. This is why getting as much work done as you can on the plane (or at airport) will be smart.

Tip #2 – Prepare For Having No Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi access may be as a wide ranging today as it ever has been, but that still doesn’t mean that you can always count on having a strong and reliable connection when you need it.

This is why you need to plan for being offline and still focus on completing deadlines. If you’re a freelance writer, for example, you can gather your research online beforehand, and then type up your articles or eBooks or press releases on a word document before sending them later.

Most airports, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels should have access to reliable Wi-Fi, but again, you can’t always count on it. One way to get around this problem will be to bring your own portable Wi-Fi router with you wherever you go.

Tip #3 – Have Funds On Hand For Emergencies 

This is a basic rule of traveling to other countries. You want to have at least some cash on hand in the currency of the country you’re traveling to that you can use for emergencies.

Third party remittance services such as Remitly make it incredibly easy to send money overseas to any recipient of your choice, even if it’s you. According to Remitly, with an express transfer option, you can send money to yourself ‘within minutes.’ 

Tip #4 – Protect Yourself With Insurance 

This is another important travel tip and it’s especially true for those who travel a lot: you need to protect yourself with travel insurance.

There are a multitude of things that could go wrong on any trip: you may have to return home early and cancel your flights or hotel rooms, you could get sick or sustain a physical injury and need urgent medical care, or you may have valuable items stolen (such as a prized possession, an electronic item or jewelry).

Any one of these scenarios will prove to be quite costly to you, but a good travel insurance plan will help you to stay financially afloat. Just be sure that you read the fine print of your particular plan, as they can be vary significantly. 

Tip #5 – Give Yourself Time to Relax and Enjoy Yourself 

Last but not least, you can’t allow your work to overwhelm you. Yes, traveling and working from your laptop is going to involve a lot of sitting. But you still need to take advantage of the fact that you’re traveling to begin with, and that means spending time for yourself and away from your computer.

Get out and explore whatever town you’re in. Meet new people. Try a new restaurant or go to the beach. Add an entry to your journal. You get the idea.

Traveling provides you with the unique opportunity to see truly awesome places of the world, and you don’t want to waste all the time you’re in another country or city on your laptop. After all, what’s really the point of traveling then?

Getting Work Done While You Travel 

Using each of these tips and strategies we have covered today will enable you to work efficiently as you travel while simultaneously ensuring that you travel in a safe and responsible manner.


Highlights for A Road Trip in the Hill Country


If you’re planning an RV trip and you’re still deciding on a destination, you might want to start considering the Hill Country of Texas. The Hill Country covers an area of central Texas that is a mid-point of West, Central and South Texas.

The Hill Country is known for its limestone and granite hills, as well as geographic features like Packsaddle Mountain and the Llano Uplift, which is the second-largest granite dome in the U.S.
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Cape Town

Best Things to Do on a Short Break in Cape Town

Are you ready to take a short break from all your worries and daily activities you are usually engaged in? Searching for that special location that might offer you all you need to recharge your batteries on a short break during the weekend or when you have only a couple of days to spend on holiday? We have a recommendation for you today: Cape Town. Why? Simply because it has been voted the best city in the entire world and for a wide range of good reasons. It is a fascinating destination in South Africa that has a lot to offer in terms of location, fabulous sunsets, being close to the beach and the list can continue. You will feel so great there that you will get back home feeling like a new person ready to face any new challenge just after a short break.
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safari holiday

Safari holiday – experience the primal pleasure of being immersed in nature


Whenever we mention “Africa”, the first thing that pops in our heads is “Safari”; with its wild and majestic animals and guided tours. But Africa is so much more than that. So much so in fact, that it represents a perfect wedding getaway for couples of all kinds. Most importantly, it’s out of reach of the modern world and very budget-friendly. What are some of the places you could take a look at if you’re considering South Africa as your honeymoon destination?

Knysna, Garden Route

The Lazy Leopard in Knysna allows couples multiple choices when booking accommodations; the region is known for its natural beauty, and this is what the people of The Lazy Leopard are going for. Couples can choose from staying in a bush hut, with a view of the forest or a nearby valley or even stay in the forest itself. Rest assured, the forest accommodation is as safe as it can get; after all, it’s a pretty sought-after option for couples looking for a getaway.

safari holiday

Plett, Garden Route

On a more civilized note, the Whalesong Coastal Lodge offers best of the both worlds. Situated just above Cape Town, it offers a view of the city below and the nature surrounding the residence itself, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. The interior design is a marvel in itself, with native African motifs, and a classic “fireplace next to a bar” living space. Best of all, the balcony overlooking the world beneath you is a sight to remember. Whalesong offers honeymoon suites for you to choose, so why not give it a shot?

Kagga Kamma, Western Cape

The Kagga Kamma Lodge is a story for itself. It offers the best South Africa has to offer when talking about an outdoors experience. What’s better than sleeping with a million stars looking after you and your significant other? While the lodge houses outdoor beds (that are safe and comfortable), it also offers couples to spend the night in the lodge itself. Occasional picnics and outdoor getaways might be enough for some couples, since we’re all accustomed to sleeping outside might not make you feel safe or comfortable.

Ballito, KZN

Labori, Ballito is a self-catering resort in a fairly popular African town. It’s perfect for couples looking for just a bit of Africa, while also craving for the modern world, since the town is a popular and advanced tourist destination. The self-catering apartments are well equipped with comfortable beds, kitchens and balconies. The town itself sports everything you could possibly need when going on a holiday, from two comfy beaches, to shops, night clubs, bars, and walkways. Consider it if you’re in for something more “modern”. You can’t go wrong with a Labori honeymoon.

To top it all off, going for a safari trip around the African safari parks might just be what sells you on an idea of an African honeymoon. A guided 10+ day tour that allows you to experience all that Africa has to offer is a great way to spend some together time. While the tours vary in activities, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. Just think about spending a day with your loved one, somewhere down in South Africa. Imagine a guide taking you to a tree house (those really are a thing) for some well-deserved rest after exploring a valley full of native African animals. And that’s just one day out of ten. While lodgings and hostels are great, having a little bit of adventure as newly-weds might just be what you need.

By Alfred Stallion and!

Camping, the most natural holiday

Camping, the most natural holiday

The campsite is a specific form of accommodation with its supporters and detractors, who can enjoy the holidays, and it is more comfortable than it may seem.

Just take a walk through any of the more than 700 that will be open this summer to contemplate the varied modern infrastructure which include: shops-villa with independent rooms, others are mounted in just 25 seconds, motor homes incorporating the latest technology, design bungalows, Indian tipis … Has gained in quality and is one of the cheapest ways to travel, and perhaps the most fun and practical for families with children.

But, as with any other place to stay, you must know the rights and duties as users, as well as what must be met and campsites offer. The travel experts CONSUMER EROSKI offer a number of practical and useful tips for both experienced campers and the less initiated. The aim is that during the holidays the only concern is to have fun and relax.

With the information in the suitcase

Enjoy the holiday under the awning of a tent or a caravan roof may seem strange to many people, but brings many attractions. Not surprisingly, more than six million tourists (over 60 national%) chose in our country last summer camping format as holiday accommodation. A

nd the forecast for this summer predicted a good campaign for the sector: in May alone almost two million overnight stays, 1% less than the previous year, which in the current situation can only be interpreted as a good data were recorded. The most popular destinations for tourists tent or bungalow are Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia.

The success of a holiday at a campsite not only depends on the area and no serious setbacks arise. That experience is positive and meets the expectations will depend largely on the state in which it is located and of the quality and diversity of services offered.

To avoid unpleasant surprises is advisable to collect information about your category, available services (bathrooms, showers with hot whether or not water, pool, social club, animation services for the youngest …), whether or not they free, and the quality thereof. Also from the views and testimonies of other campers.

Besides the official guides are published each year on Spanish campsites, lodges Internet web portals where you can see the services available to everyone and where you can even arrange an accommodation booking. Red also abound in forums that, in addition to solving doubts and documented about routes and travel, you can read user reviews on selected campsites for holidays.

As hotels have their own categorization (Luxury, 1st, 2nd and 3rd) depending on the services they offer. So that the user can distinguish a plate or badge placed in a clearly visible at the entrance of the campsite is used, four tents indicate that Luxury, three of which is 1, and so on until a unique shop campaign or triangle that identifies the third.

Tend or bungalow?

Mount the tent in the mud, sleeping on a mat or in the best case, on an inflatable mattress, it is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the neophyte campsites. But today enjoy greater comfort only depends on money that each user can or want to spend.

In recent years the vast majority, in addition to the field or fields in which pitch the tent or RV park and prepared vans, offers the opportunity to stay in wooden bungalows and mobile homes.

Such accommodation combines the amenities of a floor to separate -rooms use, bathroom, kitchen and terrace-with-site services. Yes, the price is higher than camping on a plot format whereby a family of four would pay an average of 30 euros per day, including the land where the store and install the car.

To that amount would have to add 10 euros more in concept electric hook if available caravan or motorhome. Instead, the cost to stay in a ‘mobile home’ or in a bungalow shoot up to between 75 and 125 euros per night. Staying in one of these prefabricated houses is an interesting option for those who want to experience camping for the first time, or to enjoy travel with young children.

Campsites, according to their category

Camping “luxury”. At the entrance will show a poster with four stores-triangles indicate its category. The plots have electricity and hot water in all general health services and all showers, and offer an escrow service and individual safes.

Camping 1st. Three stores distinctive plate-triangles. Feature phones in individual cabins, hot water in all general health services and 50% of showers and individual safes.

The electricity will reach 50% -75% of the plots and additional services not far from the former category.

Camping 2nd. Distinctive shops-plate with two triangles. The main difference from the previous location is usually a little further away from the “best place” but the other services is almost comparable.

Camping 3rd. Plate shop-triangle. In areas such as number of basins, soil characteristics and surface between campers they tend to be somewhat lower than in 2nd class.

Tips to enjoy a cheap holiday

Tips to enjoy a cheap holiday

Spending a few days away from home is almost always mean extra expenditures on accommodation, the travel, leisure and food. It is often necessary to save all year to enjoy the summer holidays in the beach, in the mountains or exploring abroad.

But in addition to traditional travel there is another set of much cheaper options that provide insight elsewhere without making a large financial outlay

Exchange housing

One of the alternatives for a nearly free vacation, as far as housing is concerned, is the home exchange. The system is simple and practiced for years by tens of thousands of travelers.

You only need to register with a site that manages this type of barter and be willing to provide housing in exchange for spending time in someone else’s home. The user selects the country of interest, exchange he wants to do and sends a message to the owner.

Once enrolled, he will also receive hundreds of submissions from around the world. While the first may seem strange to think that strangers will occupy the house, is an experience that gives good results. Usually, once chosen the place and the person with whom the exchange is made, the participants in this initiative exchanged e-mails, pictures, calls and engage in certain friendship. This in turn helps to better know the site to which you travel, thanks to suggestions from the hosts.

Some think that the location of his home barter will be difficult to not be in a downtown or attraction. But the fact is that one of the objectives of those involved in the exchange is to live as do the residents of the town in which they arrive and not as tourists, so that anyone with a floor can participate in this exchange.

With this initiative, it is possible to know the five continents from a different point of view living those staying in hotels, and almost free. The pages that manage the exchange charge participants a fee of 50 or 70 euros per year.

To this food costs, which can be done at home and save money on travel restaurants- and other movements in the area to be released they would be added. Some people also exchange the car, so the payment for renting a car or public transport disappears.

Cultural exchanges

Another more affordable experience that study tours abroad to learn a language is to exchange. A month in another country can cost about $ 3,000, but staying at the home of a student during this time and then offer home ownership for the partner lives in his is quite cheaper. Moreover, young people know the true culture of the place, leaving the student with friends and share with him the day.

Couch surfing. Couch surfing is defined as a service “online entertainment” in which a person selflessly offers other free accommodation in their homes. The idea came decades ago when surfers were down sofa in English -couch other people who were looking for good waves. The experience was expanded into a worldwide network.

But couch surfing is much more than a free hosting; it is a cultural exchange to find the destination as it is lived in reality and not superficially as a tourist. The host explained the customs of the country and indicates the places you can go your guest to enjoy the area. The guest, meanwhile, tells how people live in the region and exchange views.

Those wishing to participate in this experience must enroll in the couch surfing website and provide some details about your profile.

They can then search for people, called “hosters” which provide accommodation. There are also other participants do not pay a portion of your home but to help visitors experience the town to traveling: they are called “coffee” or “drink”.

The applicant submits a request to anyone who considers that matches your profile and expected to be accepted. It has no obligation to pay anything, although their maintenance should be separate.

Travelers who have tried this way to meet other cultures repeat and recommend the experience to those who want to live a few days as do the natives of the area.

Field of work

Another way to spend the summer, aimed especially at young people, is to participate in a labor camp. It is an initiative in which people from different backgrounds come together to collaborate on a social project, such as the recovery of historical heritage, improve the natural environment of the destination or help particular groups of people. While a different experience in other countries or provinces lives, it helps others.

Members of these projects are usually groups of between 15 and 30 people performing work about 20 hours a week and after participating in the activities created by the organizers of the field. Tours around the place also make the way of life of the residents of the region learn, and there is free time to enjoy with peers.

In addition to social work, labor camps are used to meet young people from other countries with which often friendship ensues and, if done abroad, allow to practice another language.

Registration cost is not very high (sometimes it’s free), and includes accommodation and meals for the young as well as leisure activities conducted and accident insurance. Travel costs have to be borne by the participants.

Cheap transportation

With these four options the cost of accommodation is covered, but transport is still pending, something that can get quite expensive.

An alternative to reduce costs is to go to the low cost airlines.

Keep in mind that saving is essential to strictly fulfill the conditions laid down when purchasing the ticket. You have to fly with a suitcase of small dimensions that can be introduced into the cabin, so you have to part with large luggage.

Other conditions as additional insurance or print the ticket at home save cost and surprises at the airport. If promotions are taking advantage, you can travel to many places in Europe for less than 10 euros return.

If this option does not convince or are not offers to your chosen destination there are other cheaper alternatives such as contact with strangers who want to share their car. In specialized websites or portals classifieds, who wish to travel you can find people who are going to make a journey on a particular day and join them.

There is also the option reverse: to be communicated to a particular route and wait for the others to sign up.

This alternative has expanded in recent years and there are many portals on the Internet hang their journeys. Therefore it is not difficult, especially in summer, when most trips are realizan- find someone to carpool with this holiday. The costs are reduced by increasing the number of people occupying the car.

Cheap conventional destinations

Not every summer you can enjoy a few days off at a hotel beach. In fact, although this year the tourism sector picks up again, more and more Spaniards have to settle for cheaper and perhaps less comfortable accommodation alternatives such as campsites or shelters to spend the summer months.

Camping: Camping weeks can become a great vacation at a very affordable price. The contact with nature and the outdoors makes thousands of people choose camping as first choice for the summer.

They are very nice places, equipped with all services and often nearby places to enjoy, like the river, the mountains or the beach.

Besides the use of tents, caravans fixed installation is allowed throughout the year. This makes many families every summer friendly match in these spaces and outdoors, a further incentive to opt for camping.

Hostels: hostels also allow a holiday outside the place of residence at a cheaper price than paying for an overnight stay in a hotel. Europe has an extensive network of accommodation of this type; some offer very similar to the three-star hotels are located in conditions and central areas of cities.

Depending on the chosen accommodation can sleep in single or double rooms, while others only have to share rooms with strangers.

Around the town : the more traditional option is no less fun:
spend the holidays in the village. For many citizens it is the best summer possible and seize every opportunity to return to the place where they grew up. Easter and the weekends are short, but spend a month in the village is what some people have been waiting eleven months.

Lets reconnect with people who shared the best years and not seen more than in the summer while accompanies uncles, parents and grandparents who receive their family with open arms time.

And it allows a return to childhood, cool nights and enjoy the festivities, which attract people from other locations.

Children have friends his age and can spend the day on the street, surrounded by nature and safer than in larger cities.

Along with these benefits, the costs are almost nil. Camping is free and usually, the daily consumption is lower, because the prices are usually lower than in the big cities and in tourist areas.

How to plan a trip online

How to plan a trip online

Farms and manors: preferred for bridges and vacation getaways in mid-year.

According to HomeAway Colombia, it is increased by 40% vacation homes with pools for this season.

The favorite places for this season are Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

Bridge trips and vacations for June mid-year the temporary rent increase over the Internet by 40%.

According HomeAway , the worldwide leader in vacation rentals with more than 1 million properties in 190 countries, at this time of year the farms and manors are preferred, quieter properties have average capacity for 10 or more people in the areas of : Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

The site notes that women are the most used the platform to make reservations in Colombia: 60% of women and 40% men and 60% of travelers between 25 and 44 years.

HomeAway Colombia shares the list of the most searched houses and farms in the country to vacation during the mid-year holidays.

How to plan a trip online?

We see that the Internet has established itself as the medium in which Colombians begin to plan their getaways or holidays, according to the latest electronic commerce presented by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, category travel and tourism is one that is in the top 3 growth in the country and in Latin America, a large majority of Colombians use the Internet to organize your holidays, whether to seek tourist destinations, to compare prices and / or check availability.

HomeAway highlights some tips for successfully planning a trip over the Internet:

Review the budget with that account to make the trip, in this way help to determine the places that you can go on vacation and the itinerary of your tour.

Choose the destination resort you want to go; it is important to know how much time is available.

Confirm the number of people who will accompany him on holiday and make sure if all have the budget needed to travel comfortably.

Decide what kind of property is the one that best suits the intended budget and needs.

Access platforms provide several options for rental. Internet Search a property for vacation is a trend that is booming, online classified platforms as HomeAway appear on the scene to help those who want to find the best place for holidays .

Before the traveler can book all holiday rentals available, check price and availability and then make the best decision for your vacation.

When you already have all this ready, you can make a list of activities that take place at the place chosen and prepared to enjoy.

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

Nobody said this was the best time to go on vacation … or otherwise. In case we suggest that you follow our tips to enjoy the holiday regardless of the season and also saving money.

The most important thing is a good plan your trip. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and write down what you want to see, where want to go, if you have any desire regarding the place where you want to stay. Look travel portals, blogs; check out the guides and choose your perfect place to spend time.

In fact you can start plan to carry it out. We suggest you start by looking for the flight to your dream destination. You can take advantage of several search engines to help you find the fastest route and you can also compare the differences between the prices of flights available and choose the most economical for you. You can use search engines like sky scanner or vuelo24. Sure to find a flight that suits you money.

Remember, always works out cheaper to travel with hand luggage, which is not a bad idea, because usually you do not use or 50% of the things you carry with you if you have more space, so think carefully and take with you only the things that you are need. Keep in mind that the sooner you buy the cheapest tickets will.

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving 1

After you’ve booked your flight, you think about the property: we recommend using search engines and price comparators hotels:

Trivago or Rasteator. If you do not want to spend much money you can always find a piece of land for Couch surfing, which really is not a bad idea, as many people said their excellent experience with the hosts. Also, you’d have the chance to deeply know the language and culture of the country and also (who knows) make new friends.

What to eat? If you know any people there sure will teach you the most delicious and important sites in your way, but if you’d also save the products to eat, this time also can use price comparison sites. You can enjoy various ways you spare time.

Without spending much money. In larger cities there is possibility to visit the city with the guide – complimentary. Free-Walking-Tour has become very popular lately, so you can use it and see the city.

One other way to save is to use the discount coupons that offers for example the portal Picodi. There you can find the latest offers and promotions for hotels and plane tickets, but also many more offers of clothing, food and various services. You can enter the page to look the most outstanding deals and find offers and promotions to help you spend as little as possible on your trip.

Picodi has several promotions of the most popular stores like: Dafiti, Linio, Falabella and more.

Do not hesitate to confront with the new venture. We are already waiting for you to come and tell us everything.

African Safari

How to play Keno

Keno is a very similar game to the lottery, where chance and luck determine if the player wins the jackpot. While this game does not require much skill from the players, there are certain strategies which might increase your odds of winning. Learning to use these techniques may help Keno become the game that works for you!

Top online casinos around the world offer Keno. The game is played using tickets with numbers on them. One way of increasing your chances of winning is to choose the right ticket. There are both single play, and multiple play tickets. Multiple play tickets give you the option to play with more than one set of numbers. The more numbers you have, the more chances you have of winning.

Keno is a game of numbers. Picking the right numbers is essential to winning big. The game will pull out each number on their own, until a total of 10 numbers are chosen. These numbers have to match up to the numbers you have chosen as closely as possible, as this means more winnings.

Selecting a computer generated ticket option which picks numbers for you is also a good way to play, as the computer may pick numbers with better odds of winning. It also may pick a better round of games which will create a greater overall jackpot. By letting the computer decide your fate, you will not influence the cards with your own personal preferences or biases.

These tips and tricks may help you to improve your luck with the game of Keno. It is important to remember that when playing any game at best online casinos in australia, even games of chance like Keno, researching the game will help you to make the right decisions in gaming choices, as well as improve your overall gaming experience.

Vacationing with pets, a trend on the rise

Vacationing with pets, a trend on the rise

Colombia HomeAway users can find more than 100 properties and globally Pet Friendly travelers can find over 250,000 properties.

To avoid farewells and missing our pets, more and more places allow us to make our days off with our dog or cat. Besides saving on childcare costs, invites us to enjoy a complete holiday with “the whole family “these days we took a year for holidays or bridge.

Today, owners of dogs and cats are becoming more concerned and aware to give your pet a better quality of life, this trend vacation with them is called “pet friendly” and became temporary vacation rentals Colombia and the world.

In Colombia HomeAway users can find more than 100 properties Pet Friendly, destinations with the highest penetration of vacation rentals that allow pets are: Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin and Santa Marta; HomeAway global travelers can find over 250,000 properties with these features.

There are all kinds of properties for vacation rentals that allow pets, you can find properties: swimming pool, sea view apartments and fully equipped farms ideal for a complete holiday with the family. We recommend renting properties with recreational spaces such as parks, courtyards or any place for recreation.

HomeAway recommendations leading online market worldwide holiday when renting a property pet friendly.

1. Planning: since this is a growing trend there is a percentage of properties that are not yet supported pets, so plan and book early is one of the important points that no one is left out of the rest days. In addition to remember the visit to the vet to give us advice and check the health of your pet before leaving.

2. Search and book : portals of holiday rentals on the Internet as HomeAway, to find a property that allows us to take our dog or cat, you just have you enter your destination want for the trip and then select from all options: “pets”.

Once you find the right destination for your trip you must identify the house or property that suits you best according to many people and chosen destination. When booking, confirm that attended type of animal: dog or cat and check the amenities you have to avoid disappointment.

3. The Journey : Learn about health regulations for road travel and / or plane, prepares documentation with everything you need for your pet safe and comfortable journey: food, crates, leashes, others.

4. The stay : remember to take the belongings of the pet to feel at home: food, drinking, clothing, food; and thus the change of location does not cause stress or mood swings.