Budget Friendly Tips to Make Your Home a Luxurious Accommodation


There is no denying of the fact that everyone loves to stay at hotels and enjoy the luxury and comfort that these stays offer. It is not a really practical to afford a hotel stay for longer time. But one thing that you can do is transform your existing home into a luxurious accommodation. If you are wondering that this can prove to be really expensive, then you are wrong. There are many affordable yet effective ways in which you can do so. The following are the top affordable ways to make your home look like a luxurious hotel accommodation:

  • Renovate the Bathroom

Aren’t bathrooms the real reason why we love hotels? They are not just beautiful but also luxurious and comfortable. You too can turn your existing bathroom into a lavish bathroom by just making a few changes. Replace your mismatched towels with plush same colored towels. Consider a glass enclosed shower and add new and good quality hardware products. Throw in some scented candles for that extra impact.

  • Lavish Bedroom Makeover

Your bed should definitely be the centerstage of your bedroom if you want the luxury and comfort feel. Make sure the bed sheets, pillows, blankets and curtains are matching and follow a strict theme. The mattress and pillows must be soft and plump down and there must be lamps on both sides of the bed. You can consider both wooden flooring and carpeted floor if you want the bedroom to have a brand new look.

  • Don’t Forget the Grand Entryway

Most hotels that you must have visited till now have one thing in common- it is the grand entryway. Not only is the entryway the first thing that you notice but also makes the first impression on visitors. There are many ways in which you can make it look grand. Add in candles, mirrors, dim lighting and some good artwork. There must be a certain focus point at the entry to create a eye catching look at the entrance. For this you can add a table, a good showpiece, a pretty lamp or other such things.

  • Lighting Plays a Big Role

One of the things that can considerably make a difference to the way your home looks is the lighting. Lighting creates various ambiences and moods and this is what you can do too inside your home. Lights these days are not only used for lighting purpose but for decorative reasons as well. So add chandeliers, side lamps, art lights and bedside lamps etc. to your house for that well lit yet elegant environment. If you are looking for affordable home lighting items, then you must definitely check online as there is no dearth of reasonably priced yet elegant things. One example is BHS, the vouchers of which you can find on voucher websites like VoucherBin.

  • Organize your space

If you have noticed, space is always very well organized in hotels. There is a designated space for everything and nothing looks cluttered. You must follow the same rule in your home too.  Do not add too much to one space as that can create a feeling of mess and may hamper the luxurious feel of the otherwise well designed house. To hide away clutter, you can use bowls and fancy baskets which are available at reasonable rates. Also opt for furniture that serves multiple purposes so that you can make maximum use of your space, no matter how small it may be.

  • Place Green Plants & Flowers Around the House

For that little bit of touch and resemblance to a hotel, you can also bring in some fresh and green plants and colourful flowers to your home. Opt for those which are easy to maintain and can grow well indoors. Spread them across the house so as to create a fresh and cheerful environment.

  • Redo the Paint

Another thing you can consider doing is to redo the paint if the existing one looks old and withered. A little dash of fresh paint can bring a sudden change to the feel and look of the house.

Make sure you follow these tips to renovate your home and have a comfy look.

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