Critical nutrients in school stage

Critical nutrients in school stage

Children are a group of people with a high risk of malnutrition because they are very vulnerable to dehydration and digestive disorders such as diarrhea due to lack of hygiene habits and many times little reserves.

A malnourished child can drag lifelong consequences: poor development of bones and muscles, or neurological deficits.

The child will often take wrong decisions and may affect the quality of their food. Among the most common mistakes are:

Little or no breakfast.

School meals rich in flour, fat, sugar and salt (snacks) and low in vitamins and minerals.

Nutritionally inadequate or poorly selected lunches (especially when left to the discretion of the child).

There are critical nutrients for this stage which mentioned below:

Vitamin C and folic acid: Vitamin C participates, along with folic acid, iron absorption and mobilization from body stores. The daily requirement of vitamin C gradually increase from 25 to 30 mg / day at the beginning of school age up to 60 mg / day during adolescence.

Vitamin C supplementation would be needed if fresh fruit is not consumed, mainly citrus, hence the importance of consumption in these populations. The requirement of folic acid is 150 mg / day at school age for both sexes and adolescence are increased up to 200 mg / day.

Vitamin A also has been shown that vitamin requirements increase significantly in accelerated growth phase and its absorption is favored by the presence of fat, protein and vitamin E.

Several studies have shown that a percentage nothing Teen negligible consumption presents a deficit, possibly due to low consumption of foods rich in this vitamin. A strict vitamin deficiency of this vitamin is a result of malnutrition own underdeveloped countries.

Zinc: The importance of zinc in nutrition increased since a zinc deficiency syndrome in adolescent males, characterized by growth retardation, hypogonadism and taste disturbance was discovered.

It is further suspected that minor deficiencies may be responsible for growth hypo- boxes, no other symptoms, since in animal experiments, this is the first sign that appears deficiency.

It is therefore important to ensure adequate intake of zinc during adolescence, 15 mg / day in men and 12 mg / day in women. Greater than 150 mg / day intake is bad for health. The main dietary sources of zinc are of animal origin (red meat, seafood, eggs and milk).

Calcium: Calcium plays a fundamental role in the process of bone mineralization and its maintenance. Calcium needs at school age are estimated at 800 mg / day. In adolescence, significantly increases the calcium binding by the (150 mg to 300 mg / day), which is a necessary calcium intake between 1200 to 1500 mg / day.

All these nutrients plus other equally important how they work together to form a protective shield for the body and strengthening the immune system.

Children look for their food and drinks fortified with these nutrients and make sure that with a varied diet as balanced as possible.

Travel abroad without problems!

Travel abroad without problems

Having the documentation up to date, be respectful of the customs of the destination country or travel insurance to meet unforeseen will make the trip a success.

Leave travel and spend a few days relaxing away from home is a pleasure highly recommended. But ignoring what to wear, how to behave or what areas is inadvisable to go can lead to more of a problem in the destination.

If a number of tips followed to avoid errors, the stay in a foreign country will be a pleasant one. Some were shelled, and bring the required documentation or know its laws, essential to not get into trouble.

Spanish trips abroad increased, and in 2014 there were a total of 11.78 million trips beyond our borders, according to the official survey Familitur. To exit the tourist does not become a nightmare, you can follow these recommendations, some dictated from the European Commission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Travel abroad without problems

1. Be informed before traveling abroad

Before traveling to another country must be informed about it as possible . In addition to consulting guidebooks and try to get to know the place, you should read and consider the Travel Recommendations, one date information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

In these entry requirements for each country, documentation and visas needed to travel, security conditions, health status, vaccinations, currency and main telephone numbers listed.

2. Be reachable

It is convenient to let the Kin’s address and telephone number of hotels in which night becomes, in case they need to locate traveler.

Not more not registered in the Register of travelers to the Spanish authorities to trace the person or contact her in case of major emergencies (natural disaster, armed conflict, etc.).

3. Traveling with the necessary documentation and a day

Before leaving home, you should know precisely what official documentation will be needed in the places you visit. In the European Union simply the national identity, but the basic travel document is the passport. Keep in mind that some countries require a visa. To get it you must go to the Consulate or Consular Section of the Embassy of the destination country in Spain.

They are steps that can take time and require supporting documentation; therefore, it should apply well in advance.

4. How much money can be in cash?

To travel in Europe there is a limit of money that can be in cash.

This is indicated by the European Commission in its recommendations, which indicates that the amount can not exceed or equal the 10,000 euros. If exceeded, you have to declare to the customs authorities.

5. Respect the law and local customs

A traveler is presupposed respect for the place you visit. But it never hurts to remember that under no circumstances should acts that may involve an offense against the customs, symbols, or local law authorities. Good to know that legal action in Spain may be illegal and result in major fines or even jail in other countries.

It should be especially sensitive regarding religious beliefs.

It is important to note that there are places where there is no distinction between trafficking and consumption of drugs and that these offenses are punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty. In addition, in some countries it considers drug use some legal substances in Spain, including alcohol or certain medicines.

It may also be traffic offense artistic, historical or archaeological, and some products of animal or vegetable origin, so all that is acquired must be legal and have export permit .

6. In making the suitcase, do not forget health

An emergency? Everything must be planned! When traveling abroad it is essential to cover, in addition to knowing who or where to turn when they suffer a mishap:

In Europe we have the right to healthcare, provided they carry the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which issues from Social Security free. If you need an ambulance, or call the fire department, police, etc. It should dial 112 , a toll-free telephone throughout the EU.

You must travel with a health insurance have full coverage in case of illness or accident during the journey, including evacuation medicalized aircraft. The costs of hospitalization and medical treatment are borne by the patient and are usually very high.

If you are allergic or suffering from any other disease requiring medication out there that transport in hand luggage in their original containers with clear labels. It is very convenient to carry the name and contact details of the physician and all information on the treatment and the prescribed dose.

If the required medication includes syringes, you must have a medical report certifying that need. And we must also provide a certificate from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, in case of traveling with psychotropic drugs or narcotics.

7. Going to the embassy, if you suffer a serious setback

The most common problems abroad are the loss or theft of the documents, which may be issued again during office hours, at embassies and consulates.

A more fundamental problem is being stopped. In that case, you should immediately ask local authorities to make contact with the consul of Spain. And if the victim of a natural disaster or a violent act, you must go to the Spanish embassy or consulate in the destination or contact the Consular Emergency Unit ( telephone 913 948 900, during office hours). Outside these hours, you can call the Ministry at the phone 913 799 700 for serious situations.

Camping, the most natural holiday

Camping, the most natural holiday

The campsite is a specific form of accommodation with its supporters and detractors, who can enjoy the holidays, and it is more comfortable than it may seem.

Just take a walk through any of the more than 700 that will be open this summer to contemplate the varied modern infrastructure which include: shops-villa with independent rooms, others are mounted in just 25 seconds, motor homes incorporating the latest technology, design bungalows, Indian tipis … Has gained in quality and is one of the cheapest ways to travel, and perhaps the most fun and practical for families with children.

But, as with any other place to stay, you must know the rights and duties as users, as well as what must be met and campsites offer. The travel experts CONSUMER EROSKI offer a number of practical and useful tips for both experienced campers and the less initiated. The aim is that during the holidays the only concern is to have fun and relax.

With the information in the suitcase

Enjoy the holiday under the awning of a tent or a caravan roof may seem strange to many people, but brings many attractions. Not surprisingly, more than six million tourists (over 60 national%) chose in our country last summer camping format as holiday accommodation. A

nd the forecast for this summer predicted a good campaign for the sector: in May alone almost two million overnight stays, 1% less than the previous year, which in the current situation can only be interpreted as a good data were recorded. The most popular destinations for tourists tent or bungalow are Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia.

The success of a holiday at a campsite not only depends on the area and no serious setbacks arise. That experience is positive and meets the expectations will depend largely on the state in which it is located and of the quality and diversity of services offered.

To avoid unpleasant surprises is advisable to collect information about your category, available services (bathrooms, showers with hot whether or not water, pool, social club, animation services for the youngest …), whether or not they free, and the quality thereof. Also from the views and testimonies of other campers.

Besides the official guides are published each year on Spanish campsites, lodges Internet web portals where you can see the services available to everyone and where you can even arrange an accommodation booking. Red also abound in forums that, in addition to solving doubts and documented about routes and travel, you can read user reviews on selected campsites for holidays.

As hotels have their own categorization (Luxury, 1st, 2nd and 3rd) depending on the services they offer. So that the user can distinguish a plate or badge placed in a clearly visible at the entrance of the campsite is used, four tents indicate that Luxury, three of which is 1, and so on until a unique shop campaign or triangle that identifies the third.

Tend or bungalow?

Mount the tent in the mud, sleeping on a mat or in the best case, on an inflatable mattress, it is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the neophyte campsites. But today enjoy greater comfort only depends on money that each user can or want to spend.

In recent years the vast majority, in addition to the field or fields in which pitch the tent or RV park and prepared vans, offers the opportunity to stay in wooden bungalows and mobile homes.

Such accommodation combines the amenities of a floor to separate -rooms use, bathroom, kitchen and terrace-with-site services. Yes, the price is higher than camping on a plot format whereby a family of four would pay an average of 30 euros per day, including the land where the store and install the car.

To that amount would have to add 10 euros more in concept electric hook if available caravan or motorhome. Instead, the cost to stay in a ‘mobile home’ or in a bungalow shoot up to between 75 and 125 euros per night. Staying in one of these prefabricated houses is an interesting option for those who want to experience camping for the first time, or to enjoy travel with young children.

Campsites, according to their category

Camping “luxury”. At the entrance will show a poster with four stores-triangles indicate its category. The plots have electricity and hot water in all general health services and all showers, and offer an escrow service and individual safes.

Camping 1st. Three stores distinctive plate-triangles. Feature phones in individual cabins, hot water in all general health services and 50% of showers and individual safes.

The electricity will reach 50% -75% of the plots and additional services not far from the former category.

Camping 2nd. Distinctive shops-plate with two triangles. The main difference from the previous location is usually a little further away from the “best place” but the other services is almost comparable.

Camping 3rd. Plate shop-triangle. In areas such as number of basins, soil characteristics and surface between campers they tend to be somewhat lower than in 2nd class.

Travel connected with wifi

Travel connected with wifi

Planes, trains and buses will have Wi-Fi and allow their travelers to connect for free for journeys.

Holiday Easter are already here, and if you always were said to disconnect, today it seems that the opposite is pursued: to stay connected even in the pathways leading us to the place of destination.

Technological advances make us depend on mobile and Internet even in holidays, although it is undeniable that also give freedom to work from a beach paradise. Whether either case, it is possible that people who travel by train, plane or bus can connect to the Internet via WiFi for free. This explains in the following article.

1. Trains with WiFi service

Rail transport will soon incorporate the provision of wifi on board trains. It will begin to develop a pilot project in the AVE between Madrid and Barcelona, to gradually extend to other cars that have this technology. Thus, passengers can surf the Net without spending a single euro.

Moreover, Renfe has other new features for the new season, including highlights a luggage transfer service “door to door”, which will be operational this summer, coinciding with the increased demand for rail journeys by travelers.

You may order to collect and deliver the luggage of the client without any financial outlay, within a period not exceeding 48 hours for domestic destinations, between the point of origin and destination, whether home or hotel accommodation.

Through this service, travelers will be transported from the bags to any other charges, such as sports equipment or baby strollers, among others.

2. Mobile and wireless on airplanes

Those who move in plane also experience some slight changes concerning the use of their technological devices, the approval of new legislation that allows use during all phases of flight personal electronic devices such as phones, tablets, electronic games or eBooks, always in “airplane mode” and except for laptops.

Iberia connectivity is available for some aircraft when the A330 and A340 models. This wifi hotspot appears as an open network labeled “OnAir”, which requires opening an account with a credit card and offers two previous payment modalities: 22 MB or 50 MB, with an additional charge for every 100 KB above the plan.

3. Connection buses

As regards passengers using the bus to get around middle and long distance, the main contributions come from some carriers that have expanded their wireless connection to all your coaches, not only to the higher category . Thus, it will suffice for users to locate the wireless network and put the password to start enjoying your appliances when traveling to other destinations.

This service is characterized in that it is free in all cases, and that what is paid as a bonus on buses is the space between seats, catering service, only for a passenger seat, etc. In coaches where they have installed this connection, this improvement has not affected the price of your ticket, offered by the same rate, without any surcharge.

4. Cruising with mobile

Those unable to disengage from their technological devices while on vacation, also be used in the cruise, as most ships give free way for travelers to connect whenever they want. They can use their laptops, tablets, smartphones or other wireless-enabled, which may be in their sea voyages to stay connected with their friends and the world in all public areas of this transport system.

But unlike rail or bus, in this transport connection is not free, and many of the companies selling these tour packages have a double pay-per-use: firstly, that the customer pays consumption infrequent connections ( pay per use ) and, secondly, to hire one of several prepaid plans rates.

Traveling by train silent

The other side of the coin is the creation of silent wagons in trains. Who displease you hear conversations of other travelers by phone or any kind of noise, you can book tickets on these cars, in particular in high speed trains. They are not allowed to use the phone, there will be a PA system and less intense lighting.

Food secrets for healthy life

Food secrets for healthy life

One of the keys to staying healthy is simple to acquire healthy habits and avoid things that can be harmful. Do not eat too much and prioritize plant foods are some of the tricks to improve and maintain health. One of the main causes of the current obesity epidemic is the intake of a lot of calories higher than the body needs.

The current lifestyle, very sedentary, makes energy requirements are generally low. Instead, the size of the portions of food or served in catering establishments continue to rise over the years and, with them, the calories you eat.

Healthy diet

Food is one of the key aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The book ‘Secrets of Healthy People’, the dietitian July Basulto, reveals three essential secrets: consume no or minimally processed foods, reduce rations and prioritize plant foods, both for its wealth of protective substances (fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals), and its low content of nutrients often consumed in excess (salt, fat, protein, sugars and energy).

These three basic secrets are realized with what the author calls “Eight additional secrets” which facilitate the implementation of healthy eating:

Do not be afraid to take less meat. An excess consumption, especially if red meat may increase the risk of some diseases.

Still, the intake of this food in Spain is above the recommendations, so it would be advisable to convert the consumption of meat into something more casual.

Take comprehensive and vegetables. Replace white bread, pasta and rice for their refined grain versions may decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and some cancers. The same could be said of vegetables, which is why experts insist that include this food as often as possible.

Eating “suitcase”. In contrast to eat “knife” unwise, dishes “suitcase” have a base of foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber, such as vegetables, whole grains or vegetables, and a small amount of meat or fish. Cooked or stews, plus tasty and affordable, they are rooted in our culinary tradition and contribute to a healthy diet.

Enjoy food with less salt. Needs sodium (salt is sodium chloride) cover easily from food without added salt. The salt that is added to processed foods or when cooked or alinan food is, from the nutritional point of view, unnecessary.

Moreover, if consumed in excess, which makes 80% of the Spanish population (the average salt intake in Spain is ten grams, compared to up to five grams recommended by the World Health Organization, WHO) increases the risk of hypertension and with it, of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The advice is clear: the less salt and salty foods better. The salt is taken, it must be iodized.

Do not be afraid to take nuts. The unjustified reputation of nuts is not supported by scientific evidence. Moreover, nuts (unsalted) are complete foods with a high energy content that comes from (healthy) unsaturated fats.

They are rich in fiber, minerals, phytochemicals with antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, which provide benefits for cardiovascular health, improve insulin sensitivity and are not associated with increased body weight.

Do not take too many milk (skim or pick them). Dairy products are one of the main sources of saturated fat in the diet. This type of fat is associated with increased cardiovascular risk, so it is preferable to minimize your intake. If you choose low-fat dairy, avoiding eating too much saturated fat and cholesterol (at least from dairy).

No “compensate” vitamin-mineral and dietary supplements. The available scientific evidence has not shown that these products are effective in preventing chronic diseases.

Moreover, not all, even if they are labeled with the word “natural” are safe, as they may contain active ingredients with important effects on the body and can interact with medications and other substances. You can not forget to take pills, pills or similar reinforces the concept of medicalization (a problem, a pill), which can lead to less effort to improve our lifestyle.

Drink water. The water, which should be chosen as the drink of preference over any other liquid, moves increasingly sugary drinks (soft drinks and juices) and alcoholic beverages.

The former are beverages containing sugars and contribute, according to the WHO, an increased risk of weight gain and caries. The latter contain alcohol, toxic to the body, so that the same entity advised clearly: “Alcohol, less is better.”

Papers in order to travel abroad

Papers in order to travel abroad

The required length of stay for clothing, vaccines relevant if traveling to an exotic destination, the essential object …

The organization of a trip abroad is a careful preparation to detail, however, you can go to fret if before leaving not checked all the documentation is in order.

This article lists the necessary documents, in addition to explaining some countries like Russia, China Cape Verde or requires filing a booking, prove that they have enough to stay or have a round trip ticket funds.

EU citizens can move freely within the boundaries of the European Union, but we must pay special attention when traveling to third countries. Not have the necessary documentation to undertake the journey can be assumed not to board the aircraft or authorities of the country of destination prevent entry.

The necessary paperwork depends on the country you want to visit, although DNI, passport and visa documents are almost always ask.

If in doubt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an update on the requirements and documents required by the different states, information and numerous other data that can be useful while traveling : safety conditions, risk areas, mandatory and recommended vaccines, telephone numbers …

The DNI. It can be used as a travel document to enter and circulate in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland.

While some places like Bosnia-Herzegovina can travel with ID card, you should also carry a valid passport. In other cases, such as Turkey, you may come equipped with passport or identity card by the usual boundaries, but for access from the borders of the southeast and east of the country is only valid passport.

With regard to minors, whether traveling alone, they must take paternal or maternal leave or, where appropriate, judicial authorization; whether traveling accompanied by a parent or guardian must prove through documentation parentage or guardianship, with the presentation of the Family Book or other official document. In some countries like Portugal, it is essential for the child to travel with ID, even if it is with their parents.

Passport. If you travel to any country not mentioned in the previous section, you need a valid passport issued by the Police Headquarters and Police Stations. The under 14 must present a passport when traveling alone, but if they do in the company of a parent or guardian, may be included in these.

In this case, the presentation of the Family Book or proof of parentage or guardianship is required.

Although it should be ensured, as there are exceptions to the age of 14 they need individual passport or ID card to travel because border authorities do not support including appearing in the parental passport.

The so-called collective passport is used for groups who wish to go to the same place, as in the case of pilgrimages, excursions and other similar trips. Its validity is limited to one trip to last less than three months and in countries where there is reciprocity with respect to this document.

Under 21 years can use it to travel to Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

The visa. It is an authorization required by some countries as a prerequisite for a visit. Only valid for the particular journey for which it has requested. If a trip through an agency is hired, this process it will handle. Otherwise, you must go to the consulate or embassy of the country you want to visit. To order, you must present a valid passport. Some countries, instead of issuing the visa, tourist card dealt called.

International Driving License. If you plan to drive during their stay abroad, you may be required to process the document, known as IDL (International Driving License). In the states of the European Union just bring the Spanish driving license.

However, to drive temporarily in countries not members of the International Card is needed. The issue of Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters, is valid for one year and it consists in different languages (Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian) and personal information of the owner and the permissions.

For processing you have to show your ID card, driving license in force and photocopying, along with two photographs, in addition to paying a fee.

Healthcare Documentation

It is important to carry health cards or health insurance required by each country to avoid delays in patient care or the need to pay high bills for his stay in a hospital.

European Health Insurance Card. This individual card certifies the right of its holder to receive health services that are necessary on medical grounds during a temporary stay in any of the member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) Switzerland.

It is not valid if the reason someone moves to another country is to receive specific medical treatment. To obtain them, you must appear in person at any of the Attention and Information Centres of the Social Security (CAISS) National Institute of Social Security, which will be issued on the spot, after personal identification.

For dependents of the holder must also submit the P-1 model, which comprise these families.

If for some reason you can not obtain a European Health Card, you may request a Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS) of individual character and certifies the right of its holder to receive necessary health services. In this case, each country has different rules about state medical care, so that in some treatment is free, while others must pay part of the costs.

There are also states where it is obligatory to pay the full cost and then claim a refund. In the case of not carrying the European Health Insurance Card, it may be the tourists themselves who have to cope with the expenses.

Other forms of social security. Other countries (Andorra and several South American countries) have signed agreements with Spain in health, through which the visitor can receive health care the same way as if you were in a European state. Therefore it is important to find a Care Center for Social Security.

Travel Insurance. If the signed policy not covered abroad is advisable to take out insurance for the health of short duration, that can protect while you are away. It is very useful if you have to pay part of medical treatment and in the countries with which Spain has no agreements on health. Illness or an accident abroad may mean extra costs for travel, accommodation and repatriation to be insured.

International Certificate of Vaccination. The Ministry of Health reports that the selection of vaccines for a given trip will depend on the specific health situation of the country you visit, endemic diseases affecting them, in the path characteristics of its duration, general health status of the traveler and the time available before the trip.

This means that preventive measures should be recommended in medical services in a personalized way, so experts advise go to the International Vaccine Centre, where the International Certificate of Vaccination is provided.

This certificate is essential to visit certain countries, especially in Africa, Asia and South America. The most common vaccines are yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus, cholera, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, polio and rabies.

Other vaccines are advisable only in special cases, where you have to individually assess traveler. It is recommended to consult before traveling, plus the website of the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization.

Some of these vaccines are administered several weeks before the completion of the journey, so it should not be left to the last minute.

Certificate of Vaccination for pets. You can travel with dog or cat by any state of the European Union, provided that it can be identified by a tattoo or a chip and be in good standing certificate of rabies vaccination. The same rules apply in countries free of rabies or where the disease is under control.

Where rabies is not well controlled, more stringent rules apply.

Therefore, you should check the entry requirements of animals in the consulate or embassy of the respective country.

10 tips to healthy eating

10 tips to healthy eating

1. Eat a variety of foods

We need over 40 different nutrients and no food by itself can provide them all. The food supply that exists today facilitates take a wide variety of foods, so buying fresh foods to cook like buying prepared meals or takeaways. Choose foods always balanced! If you take a lunch rich in fat, take a low-fat dinner. And if one day taking meat at dinner, I try to choose fish the next day.

2. Base your diet on foods rich in carbohydrates

Most people do not take enough high in carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and other cereals. More than half of the calories in your diet should come from these foods. Try wholegrain bread, pasta and other grains to increase your fiber intake.

3. Take lots of fruits and vegetables

Most people do not take enough of these foods that provide important protective nutrients. Try to eat at least five servings a day. Try new recipes or see what ready meals are available at the supermarket.

4. Maintain a healthy body weight and feel good

Proper weight depends on many factors such as sex, height, age and genetics. Being overweight increases the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Excess fat appears to take in more calories than are needed. These extra calories can come from any nutrient that contains calories (proteins, fats, carbohydrates or alcohol) but fat is the most concentrated source of calories.

Physical activity is a good way to burn calories and may make you feel good. The message is simple: if you are gaining weight, you must eat less and be more active.

5. Eat moderate portions: reduce, not eliminate foods

If you eat the right portions of each food it is easier to eat from all the food groups without removing any. For example, some reasonable portions are: 100g of meat, medium piece of fruit, half a cup of raw or 50ml cream pasta. Prepared meals can offer a handy means of portion control and often contain calories that appear on the packaging, which helps counting. If you eat out, you could share some of your meal with a friend.

6. Eat regularly

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can lead to a feeling of control hunger, often resulting in an over intake. Conduct a mid-morning or afternoon tea can help curb hunger, but do not eat too much not replace the main meals. Do not forget to have these shots as part of their total calorie intake.

7. Drink plenty of fluids

Adults need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day! And we need more amount if it is hot or if we make a lot of sport. Water is obviously a good source of liquid but variety can be both pleasant and healthy. Other choices are juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, milk, etc.

8. Move

As we have seen, too many calories and not enough exercise can lead to weight gain. Moderate physical activity helps burn off those extra calories us. It is also good for the heart and circulatory system and for general health and wellbeing. So make physical activity a daily routine. Use the stairs instead of the elevator (as well as for ascending and descending)!. Take a walk in your lunch break. It does not take an athlete to move!

9. Start now! And make changes gradually

Make changes in your lifestyle is gradually much easier to make them suddenly. For three days, write down the foods and drinks consumed between meals and meals. Do you take very few servings of fruit and vegetables? To begin, try to eat only one serving more fruit and vegetables a day. Are your favorite foods are high in fat and make you gain weight? Do not delete these foods and feel bad, instead try to choose low fat meals or eat less of them. And start using the stairs at work!

10. Remember: it’s all about balance

There are no “good” or “bad”, only good or bad diets foods. Do not feel guilty about the foods you love, just take them in moderation and choose other foods to provide the balance and variety you need for good health.

Tips to enjoy a cheap holiday

Tips to enjoy a cheap holiday

Spending a few days away from home is almost always mean extra expenditures on accommodation, the travel, leisure and food. It is often necessary to save all year to enjoy the summer holidays in the beach, in the mountains or exploring abroad.

But in addition to traditional travel there is another set of much cheaper options that provide insight elsewhere without making a large financial outlay

Exchange housing

One of the alternatives for a nearly free vacation, as far as housing is concerned, is the home exchange. The system is simple and practiced for years by tens of thousands of travelers.

You only need to register with a site that manages this type of barter and be willing to provide housing in exchange for spending time in someone else’s home. The user selects the country of interest, exchange he wants to do and sends a message to the owner.

Once enrolled, he will also receive hundreds of submissions from around the world. While the first may seem strange to think that strangers will occupy the house, is an experience that gives good results. Usually, once chosen the place and the person with whom the exchange is made, the participants in this initiative exchanged e-mails, pictures, calls and engage in certain friendship. This in turn helps to better know the site to which you travel, thanks to suggestions from the hosts.

Some think that the location of his home barter will be difficult to not be in a downtown or attraction. But the fact is that one of the objectives of those involved in the exchange is to live as do the residents of the town in which they arrive and not as tourists, so that anyone with a floor can participate in this exchange.

With this initiative, it is possible to know the five continents from a different point of view living those staying in hotels, and almost free. The pages that manage the exchange charge participants a fee of 50 or 70 euros per year.

To this food costs, which can be done at home and save money on travel restaurants- and other movements in the area to be released they would be added. Some people also exchange the car, so the payment for renting a car or public transport disappears.

Cultural exchanges

Another more affordable experience that study tours abroad to learn a language is to exchange. A month in another country can cost about $ 3,000, but staying at the home of a student during this time and then offer home ownership for the partner lives in his is quite cheaper. Moreover, young people know the true culture of the place, leaving the student with friends and share with him the day.

Couch surfing. Couch surfing is defined as a service “online entertainment” in which a person selflessly offers other free accommodation in their homes. The idea came decades ago when surfers were down sofa in English -couch other people who were looking for good waves. The experience was expanded into a worldwide network.

But couch surfing is much more than a free hosting; it is a cultural exchange to find the destination as it is lived in reality and not superficially as a tourist. The host explained the customs of the country and indicates the places you can go your guest to enjoy the area. The guest, meanwhile, tells how people live in the region and exchange views.

Those wishing to participate in this experience must enroll in the couch surfing website and provide some details about your profile.

They can then search for people, called “hosters” which provide accommodation. There are also other participants do not pay a portion of your home but to help visitors experience the town to traveling: they are called “coffee” or “drink”.

The applicant submits a request to anyone who considers that matches your profile and expected to be accepted. It has no obligation to pay anything, although their maintenance should be separate.

Travelers who have tried this way to meet other cultures repeat and recommend the experience to those who want to live a few days as do the natives of the area.

Field of work

Another way to spend the summer, aimed especially at young people, is to participate in a labor camp. It is an initiative in which people from different backgrounds come together to collaborate on a social project, such as the recovery of historical heritage, improve the natural environment of the destination or help particular groups of people. While a different experience in other countries or provinces lives, it helps others.

Members of these projects are usually groups of between 15 and 30 people performing work about 20 hours a week and after participating in the activities created by the organizers of the field. Tours around the place also make the way of life of the residents of the region learn, and there is free time to enjoy with peers.

In addition to social work, labor camps are used to meet young people from other countries with which often friendship ensues and, if done abroad, allow to practice another language.

Registration cost is not very high (sometimes it’s free), and includes accommodation and meals for the young as well as leisure activities conducted and accident insurance. Travel costs have to be borne by the participants.

Cheap transportation

With these four options the cost of accommodation is covered, but transport is still pending, something that can get quite expensive.

An alternative to reduce costs is to go to the low cost airlines.

Keep in mind that saving is essential to strictly fulfill the conditions laid down when purchasing the ticket. You have to fly with a suitcase of small dimensions that can be introduced into the cabin, so you have to part with large luggage.

Other conditions as additional insurance or print the ticket at home save cost and surprises at the airport. If promotions are taking advantage, you can travel to many places in Europe for less than 10 euros return.

If this option does not convince or are not offers to your chosen destination there are other cheaper alternatives such as contact with strangers who want to share their car. In specialized websites or portals classifieds, who wish to travel you can find people who are going to make a journey on a particular day and join them.

There is also the option reverse: to be communicated to a particular route and wait for the others to sign up.

This alternative has expanded in recent years and there are many portals on the Internet hang their journeys. Therefore it is not difficult, especially in summer, when most trips are realizan- find someone to carpool with this holiday. The costs are reduced by increasing the number of people occupying the car.

Cheap conventional destinations

Not every summer you can enjoy a few days off at a hotel beach. In fact, although this year the tourism sector picks up again, more and more Spaniards have to settle for cheaper and perhaps less comfortable accommodation alternatives such as campsites or shelters to spend the summer months.

Camping: Camping weeks can become a great vacation at a very affordable price. The contact with nature and the outdoors makes thousands of people choose camping as first choice for the summer.

They are very nice places, equipped with all services and often nearby places to enjoy, like the river, the mountains or the beach.

Besides the use of tents, caravans fixed installation is allowed throughout the year. This makes many families every summer friendly match in these spaces and outdoors, a further incentive to opt for camping.

Hostels: hostels also allow a holiday outside the place of residence at a cheaper price than paying for an overnight stay in a hotel. Europe has an extensive network of accommodation of this type; some offer very similar to the three-star hotels are located in conditions and central areas of cities.

Depending on the chosen accommodation can sleep in single or double rooms, while others only have to share rooms with strangers.

Around the town : the more traditional option is no less fun:
spend the holidays in the village. For many citizens it is the best summer possible and seize every opportunity to return to the place where they grew up. Easter and the weekends are short, but spend a month in the village is what some people have been waiting eleven months.

Lets reconnect with people who shared the best years and not seen more than in the summer while accompanies uncles, parents and grandparents who receive their family with open arms time.

And it allows a return to childhood, cool nights and enjoy the festivities, which attract people from other locations.

Children have friends his age and can spend the day on the street, surrounded by nature and safer than in larger cities.

Along with these benefits, the costs are almost nil. Camping is free and usually, the daily consumption is lower, because the prices are usually lower than in the big cities and in tourist areas.

How to plan a trip online

How to plan a trip online

Farms and manors: preferred for bridges and vacation getaways in mid-year.

According to HomeAway Colombia, it is increased by 40% vacation homes with pools for this season.

The favorite places for this season are Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

Bridge trips and vacations for June mid-year the temporary rent increase over the Internet by 40%.

According HomeAway , the worldwide leader in vacation rentals with more than 1 million properties in 190 countries, at this time of year the farms and manors are preferred, quieter properties have average capacity for 10 or more people in the areas of : Anapoima, Girardot, Melgar, Villavicencio and the coffee.

The site notes that women are the most used the platform to make reservations in Colombia: 60% of women and 40% men and 60% of travelers between 25 and 44 years.

HomeAway Colombia shares the list of the most searched houses and farms in the country to vacation during the mid-year holidays.

How to plan a trip online?

We see that the Internet has established itself as the medium in which Colombians begin to plan their getaways or holidays, according to the latest electronic commerce presented by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, category travel and tourism is one that is in the top 3 growth in the country and in Latin America, a large majority of Colombians use the Internet to organize your holidays, whether to seek tourist destinations, to compare prices and / or check availability.

HomeAway highlights some tips for successfully planning a trip over the Internet:

Review the budget with that account to make the trip, in this way help to determine the places that you can go on vacation and the itinerary of your tour.

Choose the destination resort you want to go; it is important to know how much time is available.

Confirm the number of people who will accompany him on holiday and make sure if all have the budget needed to travel comfortably.

Decide what kind of property is the one that best suits the intended budget and needs.

Access platforms provide several options for rental. Internet Search a property for vacation is a trend that is booming, online classified platforms as HomeAway appear on the scene to help those who want to find the best place for holidays .

Before the traveler can book all holiday rentals available, check price and availability and then make the best decision for your vacation.

When you already have all this ready, you can make a list of activities that take place at the place chosen and prepared to enjoy.

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

Nobody said this was the best time to go on vacation … or otherwise. In case we suggest that you follow our tips to enjoy the holiday regardless of the season and also saving money.

The most important thing is a good plan your trip. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and write down what you want to see, where want to go, if you have any desire regarding the place where you want to stay. Look travel portals, blogs; check out the guides and choose your perfect place to spend time.

In fact you can start plan to carry it out. We suggest you start by looking for the flight to your dream destination. You can take advantage of several search engines to help you find the fastest route and you can also compare the differences between the prices of flights available and choose the most economical for you. You can use search engines like sky scanner or vuelo24. Sure to find a flight that suits you money.

Remember, always works out cheaper to travel with hand luggage, which is not a bad idea, because usually you do not use or 50% of the things you carry with you if you have more space, so think carefully and take with you only the things that you are need. Keep in mind that the sooner you buy the cheapest tickets will.

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving 1

After you’ve booked your flight, you think about the property: we recommend using search engines and price comparators hotels:

Trivago or Rasteator. If you do not want to spend much money you can always find a piece of land for Couch surfing, which really is not a bad idea, as many people said their excellent experience with the hosts. Also, you’d have the chance to deeply know the language and culture of the country and also (who knows) make new friends.

What to eat? If you know any people there sure will teach you the most delicious and important sites in your way, but if you’d also save the products to eat, this time also can use price comparison sites. You can enjoy various ways you spare time.

Without spending much money. In larger cities there is possibility to visit the city with the guide – complimentary. Free-Walking-Tour has become very popular lately, so you can use it and see the city.

One other way to save is to use the discount coupons that offers for example the portal Picodi. There you can find the latest offers and promotions for hotels and plane tickets, but also many more offers of clothing, food and various services. You can enter the page to look the most outstanding deals and find offers and promotions to help you spend as little as possible on your trip.

Picodi has several promotions of the most popular stores like: Dafiti, Linio, Falabella and more.

Do not hesitate to confront with the new venture. We are already waiting for you to come and tell us everything.