5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving

Nobody said this was the best time to go on vacation … or otherwise. In case we suggest that you follow our tips to enjoy the holiday regardless of the season and also saving money.

The most important thing is a good plan your trip. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and write down what you want to see, where want to go, if you have any desire regarding the place where you want to stay. Look travel portals, blogs; check out the guides and choose your perfect place to spend time.

In fact you can start plan to carry it out. We suggest you start by looking for the flight to your dream destination. You can take advantage of several search engines to help you find the fastest route and you can also compare the differences between the prices of flights available and choose the most economical for you. You can use search engines like sky scanner or vuelo24. Sure to find a flight that suits you money.

Remember, always works out cheaper to travel with hand luggage, which is not a bad idea, because usually you do not use or 50% of the things you carry with you if you have more space, so think carefully and take with you only the things that you are need. Keep in mind that the sooner you buy the cheapest tickets will.

5 tips to enjoy the holiday saving 1

After you’ve booked your flight, you think about the property: we recommend using search engines and price comparators hotels:

Trivago or Rasteator. If you do not want to spend much money you can always find a piece of land for Couch surfing, which really is not a bad idea, as many people said their excellent experience with the hosts. Also, you’d have the chance to deeply know the language and culture of the country and also (who knows) make new friends.

What to eat? If you know any people there sure will teach you the most delicious and important sites in your way, but if you’d also save the products to eat, this time also can use price comparison sites. You can enjoy various ways you spare time.

Without spending much money. In larger cities there is possibility to visit the city with the guide – complimentary. Free-Walking-Tour has become very popular lately, so you can use it and see the city.

One other way to save is to use the discount coupons that offers for example the portal Picodi. There you can find the latest offers and promotions for hotels and plane tickets, but also many more offers of clothing, food and various services. You can enter the page to look the most outstanding deals and find offers and promotions to help you spend as little as possible on your trip.

Picodi has several promotions of the most popular stores like: Dafiti, Linio, Falabella and more.

Do not hesitate to confront with the new venture. We are already waiting for you to come and tell us everything.

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