African Safari

Fantastic ideas for budget-conscious families to get a great safari experience

Who doesn’t like an adventurous safari exploring Africa’s wildest and most spectacular destinations? This season, families should definitely turn their attention to a new type of travel experience – a more exciting, spectacular and truly unforgettable one. The African continent boasts with stupendous sights and places of interest very few people have the chance to see in a lifetime. Most safari trips begin with Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and end up in South Africa’s Cape Town. General prices packages are displayed in USD, and they don’t usually include the price for accommodation and flights.

African Safari

To make sure you don’t go over budget, it might be a good idea to plan your trip in advance and enjoy a safari in the off-season. Africa has nice temperatures all year round, which means you’ll definitely find a place to fit your budget.

Masai Mara, Kenya

A trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya costs an average $250/day. Budget option available should be made in advance, and if you’re traveling with the kids your chances of scoring a good increase. Onsite you’ll be amazed by the diversified fauna and flora. Cheetah, elephants, antelopes, lions and wildebeests are everywhere. Traveling between the months of July and October will also allow you to admire the great migration. The wildebeest herds are preparing to cross from the Serengeti territory into the Mara; just admiring them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you don’t want to miss it out. These are camping sites in the Masai Mara reserve with platforms tents for those on a budget. If you want to lodge in a guesthouse, the nearest town is Nakuru. Prices for accommodation tough begin at $100.

African safari - Tiger

Uganda – gorilla safari experiences

In general, gorilla safaris are expensive due to the increased cost of the permit (about $600). However, in the off-season – during the months of April, May and November) – prices are heavily reduced by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. Local tour companies offer 3-day gorilla safari experiences for a third of the normal price. This means that you can enjoy this memorable experience for nearly $200. As far accommodation is concerned, the most convenient lodging spot is Matoke Tours; a beautiful place overlooks the stunning Lake Mutanda and the breathtaking volcanoes belonging to the Virunga Mountains. Complete travel packages also include a 2-day safari where adventurers will also have the opportunity to explore the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Matoke Tours charge $895 for a 2-travel package in the months of April, May and November. Within the package, travelers have transportation included from Kampala, all-inclusive accommodation for 2 nights, and gorilla safari trip with permit included.

African Safari Elephent

Serengeti adventure

Seeing the Serengi reserve in Northern Tanzania should be on your bucket-list for this summer season. The spectacular game reserve prides with the most alluring woodlands and expansive savannahs. In July (when the wildebeest migration begins) adventurers will have the chance to admire over 2 millions animals on the run. Furthermore, your kids will be delighted to admire the big five for the first time in their life. In terms of safaris, most common packages last for 4 days. Amania Afrika has some pretty attractive offers that start at $1,200. In the package tourists are offers transportation from Arusha, all-inclusive accommodation for 3 nights in the Simba and Pimbi campsites, covered park fees and full camping gear.

South Africa

No trip to Africa is compete without a visit to its famous country – South Africa. Dominated by the grandiose Table Mountain and surrounded by comfortable accommodation facilities, South Africa has something for everyone. Whether you’re determined to engage in a safari trip near Cape Town or lie on the beaches of Camps Bay, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a lot of fun. Many of South Africa’s activities are free: the parks, the harbor, the beaches and more. This might come in handy when traveling with the kids.

Budget-conscious families don’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from a memorable safari. Africa has packages for everyone; starting from the most affordable to the most expensive. Plan your trip with at least 4 months in advance and you’ll enjoy the finest trip to Africa without making a huge hole into your spending budget.

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Hosting the Perfect 30th Birthday Party

There are moments in life that are memorable, and it’s during these times that we take a look to reflect on both our successes and failures in order to decide how to proceed. The 30th birthday is one that allows you to do just that. During this time, you are on the brink of moving into your middle-age years, and you’ve survived the hustle and bustle of the 20’s complete with college life, marriage, and raising young children. If someone you love is getting ready to celebrate their 30th year on this earth, you owe it to them to provide a fun environment in which to reflect by organising a surprise party, and there are some tips to make sure it’s a hit.

Schedule Entertainment

This is a time for celebration, and scheduling professional entertainment can make your party one that won’t soon be forgotten. Just some ideas you can consider include:

  • A comedian
  • A local band
  • Caricature artist to commemorate the day in a fun way

The form of entertainment you choose is strongly dependent on the preferences of the party boy or girl, so consider their interests as you make this important choice. For example, hiring a rock band for someone who enjoys jazz may not be the best choice.


What’s a party without good food and drink? As you consider the details of the party, it’s a good idea to seek out local catering companies who can ensure there’s a steady flow of quality eats to accommodate the entire group. Nothing’s worse than running out of snacks in the middle of the party. A great idea to consider is a hog roast, especially if there will be a large number of people in attendance. You can often hire the equipment and cook it yourself or hire a catering company to provide a hog roast in Hinckley or your local area. Since you’ll be investing in the entire animal, you can typically purchase the meat at a lower price, not to mention this is a fun and unforgettable ritual that will enhance the aura of the party.

On the Down Low

One of the most important aspects of a surprise party is ensuring it remains a surprise. Nothing’s worse than finding out the recipient of the attention has found out. Ensure invited guests understand the need to keep the festivities on the down low. You can also consider personally delivering invitations to ensure you can expressly let guests know it’s meant to be a surprise.


Vietnamese Dishes

Top 5 Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try

Vietnamese Dishes

Vietnamese dishes are getting more popular around the world these days. In fact, those living in London can find a lot of Vietnamese restaurants all over the city. Some of them are fancy Vietnamese restaurants while others will give you the actual feeling of eating on the streets of Vietnam. Either way, you will have fun. Of course, you need to try these 5 best Vietnamese dishes.

1. Goicuon

This is perhaps one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes that you can find anywhere. If you are familiar with spring rolls, then this is the Vietnamese version. Instead of a hard and crispy yellow wrapper, it is wrapped in a soft and translucent wrapper. Inside, there is a combination of green vegetables, minced pork, crabmeat or shrimp. It is served with vegetable salads, peanut sauce and fruits.

2. Banhxeo

This is like a giant crispy pancake. It contains shrimp, pork or bean sprouts. It is mixed with egg and then fried. It is then wrapped with rice paper before serving. You can dunk it in a spicy sauce first before eating to let the taste come out even more.

3. Pho

This is the country’s national dish. It is a noodle soup with a Vietnamese touch, made from either light beef or chicken broth. It is added to flat rice noodles and served with slices of chicken, beef or pork, and seasoned with spring onions, ginger and coriander. It is said to be a common breakfast dish, but you can see Vietnamese people eating this any time.

4. Cao lau

This is another noodle-based dish, but heavier in the mouth. The noodles are usually thicker and are made from flour. It comes with bean sprouts, pork croutons and light soup. Thin slices of grilled pork make it tastier. It may also come with rice flour crackers or other optional herbs and spices sprinkled as toppings.

5. Bun cha

This is basically a mini burger. It is made from small pork patties that were barbecued on open coal, and served with side dishes such as rice noodles and vegetables. It may also be eaten with sweet sauce. This dish is usually eaten at night time.

These are just some of the best choices when it comes to Vietnamese dishes. You have to give all of them a try and experience Vietnamese cuisine. If you are in London, you can check out a Vietnamese restaurant London offers. You may also keep moving from one restaurant to another to compare the taste of the dishes they offer. For sure, you will keep going back as soon as you have tasted these dishes.

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Utilizing the loft area – Some creative ideas for you

Did you ever wonder what you can do with the space in your home which is usually referred to as the ‘loft’? The loft area is situated at the top of the stairs and most lofts don’t have floors or even 4 walls. However, loft space offers valuable square footage which when utilized can create a big-enough difference for you. In case you wish to sell off your home, decorating this space can make it more functional in demanding a higher price. Would you want to have your buyers wondering about whether or not it is a wasted space or are there some good ideas to use this space? If you’re eager to know about how you can design your loft area, here are some ideas that you may take into account.

  1. Define the space: You have to start off by walking around the loft area and locating the best spot for making it a living area, a dining room or a sleeping space. Then you have to base your decisions on where you can locate your bathroom or kitchen and how you will arrange the windows. The living area needs to have a room with some beautiful view and hence you should arrange the sofa where you can enjoy gazing at the lights of the city during evening. Once you’re done with the layout, make sure you sketch a map which you can keep track of during the decoration process.
  2. Try creating a cozy sitting area: How about creating a cozy area where you can sit down and relax or read books? This will easily give you a space to get away from the boring household chores and allow you to chat quietly with your friends. You just have to measure the spaces and know where to place which furniture as the most important thing that will help you create the cozy sitting area.
  3. A home office: Are you someone who has been looking for some space where you can create your home office? If you thought you didn’t have enough space in your home, make sure you take a close look at the loft area. If there are not many members in your room and you don’t require a closed space, you can definitely redesign the loft space in order to make it your home office. Just make sure your desk is tidy if the loft space is to be seen from some of the main areas of your home. Keep away the important papers once you’re done with them.
  4. Kid’s study area: You can even try turning off the loft area into your kid’s study area. When they love the space where they’re studying, they’ll definitely be more enthusiastic about studying and you can also allow you to keep an eye on what you’re studying. You can try painting the loft space with some theme colors so that you can easily grab the attention of kids.

If there are loft windows installed in the loft area, you can try adding loft ladders so that you can even remain attached with the outside world. Just make sure everything is organized and looks good.

safari holiday

Safari holiday – experience the primal pleasure of being immersed in nature


Whenever we mention “Africa”, the first thing that pops in our heads is “Safari”; with its wild and majestic animals and guided tours. But Africa is so much more than that. So much so in fact, that it represents a perfect wedding getaway for couples of all kinds. Most importantly, it’s out of reach of the modern world and very budget-friendly. What are some of the places you could take a look at if you’re considering South Africa as your honeymoon destination?

Knysna, Garden Route

The Lazy Leopard in Knysna allows couples multiple choices when booking accommodations; the region is known for its natural beauty, and this is what the people of The Lazy Leopard are going for. Couples can choose from staying in a bush hut, with a view of the forest or a nearby valley or even stay in the forest itself. Rest assured, the forest accommodation is as safe as it can get; after all, it’s a pretty sought-after option for couples looking for a getaway.

safari holiday

Plett, Garden Route

On a more civilized note, the Whalesong Coastal Lodge offers best of the both worlds. Situated just above Cape Town, it offers a view of the city below and the nature surrounding the residence itself, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. The interior design is a marvel in itself, with native African motifs, and a classic “fireplace next to a bar” living space. Best of all, the balcony overlooking the world beneath you is a sight to remember. Whalesong offers honeymoon suites for you to choose, so why not give it a shot?

Kagga Kamma, Western Cape

The Kagga Kamma Lodge is a story for itself. It offers the best South Africa has to offer when talking about an outdoors experience. What’s better than sleeping with a million stars looking after you and your significant other? While the lodge houses outdoor beds (that are safe and comfortable), it also offers couples to spend the night in the lodge itself. Occasional picnics and outdoor getaways might be enough for some couples, since we’re all accustomed to sleeping outside might not make you feel safe or comfortable.

Ballito, KZN

Labori, Ballito is a self-catering resort in a fairly popular African town. It’s perfect for couples looking for just a bit of Africa, while also craving for the modern world, since the town is a popular and advanced tourist destination. The self-catering apartments are well equipped with comfortable beds, kitchens and balconies. The town itself sports everything you could possibly need when going on a holiday, from two comfy beaches, to shops, night clubs, bars, and walkways. Consider it if you’re in for something more “modern”. You can’t go wrong with a Labori honeymoon.

To top it all off, going for a safari trip around the African safari parks might just be what sells you on an idea of an African honeymoon. A guided 10+ day tour that allows you to experience all that Africa has to offer is a great way to spend some together time. While the tours vary in activities, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. Just think about spending a day with your loved one, somewhere down in South Africa. Imagine a guide taking you to a tree house (those really are a thing) for some well-deserved rest after exploring a valley full of native African animals. And that’s just one day out of ten. While lodgings and hostels are great, having a little bit of adventure as newly-weds might just be what you need.

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mac cleaner

Importance Of Cleaning A Mac System Before Vacations

It is necessary to carry a MacBook for vacations because it helps in many ways. MacBook is GPS enabled and it can be used as a camera. All these features of Mac can be made workable at the time of requirement only if it is fast. Otherwise, users get frustrated due to slow system update and slow download. During vacations one need to be quick and active so that all the places can be covered in stipulated time. In order to get the best feel of vacations one need to optimize the devise by deleting the junk in it. It is the right time to install Mac cleaner for getting rid of unnecessary files and duplicate data. User should follow the procedure to clean a Mac and to reap the benefits of Apple devices. It’s a pride to own Apple devices but, unnecessary data and files make the user feel low during precious vacations. Mac cleaner can clean the junk safely and quickly. There may be other products in the market but, this product is said to be the best for the job it has to do.

The customer opinion about the product is highly positive and thousands users are found to install this cleaner. It gets into action immediately and searches for the data to be deleted. People on vacation should definitely go for it without any second thought. Their confident decision to install Mac cleaner will help them to utilize their Mac device for the purpose of clicking photos and saving memory. The system will run quick and proactive than other devices. Hard disk space will be cleared up within seconds and ample of space will be left for saving the memories of vacations. If unnecessary files are deleted then the same space can be adjusted to store some good applications and games that can be used during travel.

Kids can enjoy their fun space on Mac device. This can be referred as a good speed up and clean up application. This is the time for summer vacation and all the users of Mac devices should get to know about this smart cleaner.


travel sweeden

Hunting for the perfect travel spot for this spring? Head over to Sweden

Virgin forests, frozen wastelands, rocky isles, cozy cottages, reindeer herders and astounding Viking history – Sweden has it all, plus exquisite dining and mesmerizing landscapes. If you’re hunting for the perfect travel spot for this spring, head over to Sweden and relish in its scenic beauty. Visiting this beautiful country feels like walking into a real-life fairytale. On the streets of Stockholm you’ll stumble upon the most inspiring cottages, cafes, old-fashioned houses, and awe-inspiring street decorations. The traditional Swedish style is fascinating. It’s now showy, but it has a special allure that will blow your mind. Here are some places you need to cross over your list to make your Swedish adventure worth your time and money.

travel sweeden

The beauty of Stockholm

There’s no doubt about it – Stockholm is Europe’s finest cities. Built on several islands, the capital unites the fresh waters of the Baltic Sea with Lake Malaren, where travelers can admire an abundant fauna and flora, and spend the most relaxing Sunday evening. The city is mostly surrounded by water, although a third is made up of woodlands and parks. The broad boulevards and elegant buildings reflect in the deep blue waters of the surroundings lakes. And yet, Stockholm is a high-tech metropolis with bustling business centers and futuristic skyscrapers. Among some of its best attractions, we should mention the Old Town, the beautiful islands of Skeppsholmen and Sodermalm, and the neighboring Langholmen Island.

Foteviken Viking Reserve

Located at nearly 700 m away from Hollviken, the Foteviken Viking Reserve is an evocative “dwelling” restoration of a Viking village. The reconstructed houses and onsite landscapes will take travelers back in time with a couple of centuries. The old traditions, wooden floorboards of the houses, and historical customs make this place truly astounding for travelers coming from different corners of the world. Believe it or not, the people in the reserve live like the Vikings; they adhere to old traditions, religions, and laws and they enjoy the simple life to the fullest.


One of the best places in Sweden is Drottningholm Palace, which is positioned on Lovo Island. The astounding UNESCO Word Heritage Site is at a 45 minutes boat trip from Stockholm, and the moment you step foot on the island, you’ll be amazed by its natural surroundings. The palace dates from the seventeen century, and currently is the official residence of Sweden’s Royal Family. In the spring, the flora surrounding Drottningholm comes back to life. Travelers will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to admire the terraced park and picturesque sculptures from Denmark and Bohemia. Among the best attractions on site, we should also mention the Theatre Museum and Palace Theatre, as well as the Chinese Pavilion.


Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum is better known as Sweden’s most renowned maritime museums. With over 1 million visitors per year, this place is the epitome of Swedish history. Onsite, you’ll get the chance to admire an imposing 17th century Swedish Imperial fleet, as well as the Vasa battle ship – which “slept” in the icy waters for nearly 3 centuries, until 1961 when it was salvaged. The museum houses lots of interesting exhibitions, so if you’d like to know more about the country’s tumultuous history, you can’t miss it out.

Djurgården Park

Spring is the best time of the year to explore Djurgården Park. It is a natural reserve with lots of amazing amenities for both locals and travelers. Ideal for people traveling with the whole family, this place is packed with lots of snack-bars, cafes, comfortable accommodation facilities and traditional restaurants. In terms of activities and what you can do here, we should mention biking and canoeing. There’s an amazing amusement parks in close proximity, as well as a zoo and an open-air museum.


Visby, Gotland

Brimming with old-fashioned monasteries and an alluring historical vibe, Visby is a walled town located on Gotland Island. The place is a huge draw for international tourists fascinated and curious to know more about the Swedish customs and traditions. Onsite, you’ll see quaint cobblestone streets, steeped gables, timber edifices dating from the 17th centuries, and a lot of medieval trading houses. Visby is “the pearl of the Baltic”, and an astounding World Heritage Site with lots of amazing places of interest that will leave you speechless.

If you want to go someplace memorable this spring, Sweden is an incredible destination. It packs magnificent attractions, delicious food, welcoming people and fascinating landscapes. Sweden is a place of sheer beauty; a place where you and your loved one will have the finest, most comfortable holiday.

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Ford car list: a study by

Ford has been popular in India, due to the style of the cars they produce, as well as the fact that they have been producing cars which are friendly on the pocket. They have 4 cars lined up for launch in 2016 and there are presently, 5 Ford vehicles in the Indian market. Also check Ford cars Price List in India, Reviews, Model, Images


Ford Figo

This is, presently, the lone hatchback from Ford, costing 4.39-7.55 lakhs. It is sold in 6 diesel variants, giving out mileage of 25.83 km/l, from its 1.5 liter diesel motor, which is attached to 5-speed manual transmission. It is also sold in 7 petrol variants, one of which is incorporated with automatic transmission attached to it 1.5 liter petrol motor, while the other 6 have only manual transmission, mated to its 1.2 liter motor. Both the petrol engine variants, give out a mileage of 18.16 km/l.


Ford Figo Aspire

This is a sleek sedan, costing 4.90-8.25 lakhs and being sold in 5 petrol and 4 diesel variants. One petrol variant is fitted with automatic transmission in its 1.5 liter motor, while the others have manual transmission. All the diesel variants are incorporated with manual transmission only. The mileage from the automatic transmission-enabled Aspire is 17 km/l, while the manual transmission-enabled Aspire gives out 18.16 km/l.The diesel variants offer mileage between 23.83-25.83 km/l.

Ford Classic

This sedan seems to be named aptly, as it is really a classic car, costing 5.06-7.68 lakhs, and being sold in 3 variants each, of petrol and diesel. The mileage from the petrol variants is 21.27 km/l, while the diesel variants give an unbelievable 32.38 km/l. Manual transmission is incorporated into both, the 1.6 liter Duratec petrol engine and the 1.4 liter Duratorq diesel engine. Safety is taken care of well, with ventilated disc brakes in the front and drum brakes at the rear, which work in a high degree of coordination.


Ford EcoSport

This is a crossover or a compact SUV, from Ford, costing between 6.80-10.44 lakhs, for its 6 petrol and 5 diesel variants and sold in 7 colors. Except for one petrol variant, which has the automatic transmission system mated to its 1.5 liter engine, all the other petrol and diesel variants have manual transmission incorporated into it. The mileage of the petrol variants is 18.88 km/l, while that of the diesel variants is 22.27 km/l.

Critical nutrients in school stage

Critical nutrients in school stage

Children are a group of people with a high risk of malnutrition because they are very vulnerable to dehydration and digestive disorders such as diarrhea due to lack of hygiene habits and many times little reserves.

A malnourished child can drag lifelong consequences: poor development of bones and muscles, or neurological deficits.

The child will often take wrong decisions and may affect the quality of their food. Among the most common mistakes are:

Little or no breakfast.

School meals rich in flour, fat, sugar and salt (snacks) and low in vitamins and minerals.

Nutritionally inadequate or poorly selected lunches (especially when left to the discretion of the child).

There are critical nutrients for this stage which mentioned below:

Vitamin C and folic acid: Vitamin C participates, along with folic acid, iron absorption and mobilization from body stores. The daily requirement of vitamin C gradually increase from 25 to 30 mg / day at the beginning of school age up to 60 mg / day during adolescence.

Vitamin C supplementation would be needed if fresh fruit is not consumed, mainly citrus, hence the importance of consumption in these populations. The requirement of folic acid is 150 mg / day at school age for both sexes and adolescence are increased up to 200 mg / day.

Vitamin A also has been shown that vitamin requirements increase significantly in accelerated growth phase and its absorption is favored by the presence of fat, protein and vitamin E.

Several studies have shown that a percentage nothing Teen negligible consumption presents a deficit, possibly due to low consumption of foods rich in this vitamin. A strict vitamin deficiency of this vitamin is a result of malnutrition own underdeveloped countries.

Zinc: The importance of zinc in nutrition increased since a zinc deficiency syndrome in adolescent males, characterized by growth retardation, hypogonadism and taste disturbance was discovered.

It is further suspected that minor deficiencies may be responsible for growth hypo- boxes, no other symptoms, since in animal experiments, this is the first sign that appears deficiency.

It is therefore important to ensure adequate intake of zinc during adolescence, 15 mg / day in men and 12 mg / day in women. Greater than 150 mg / day intake is bad for health. The main dietary sources of zinc are of animal origin (red meat, seafood, eggs and milk).

Calcium: Calcium plays a fundamental role in the process of bone mineralization and its maintenance. Calcium needs at school age are estimated at 800 mg / day. In adolescence, significantly increases the calcium binding by the (150 mg to 300 mg / day), which is a necessary calcium intake between 1200 to 1500 mg / day.

All these nutrients plus other equally important how they work together to form a protective shield for the body and strengthening the immune system.

Children look for their food and drinks fortified with these nutrients and make sure that with a varied diet as balanced as possible.

Travel abroad without problems

Travel abroad without problems!

Travel abroad without problems

Having the documentation up to date, be respectful of the customs of the destination country or travel insurance to meet unforeseen will make the trip a success.

Leave travel and spend a few days relaxing away from home is a pleasure highly recommended. But ignoring what to wear, how to behave or what areas is inadvisable to go can lead to more of a problem in the destination.

If a number of tips followed to avoid errors, the stay in a foreign country will be a pleasant one. Some were shelled, and bring the required documentation or know its laws, essential to not get into trouble.

Spanish trips abroad increased, and in 2014 there were a total of 11.78 million trips beyond our borders, according to the official survey Familitur. To exit the tourist does not become a nightmare, you can follow these recommendations, some dictated from the European Commission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Travel abroad without problems

1. Be informed before traveling abroad

Before traveling to another country must be informed about it as possible . In addition to consulting guidebooks and try to get to know the place, you should read and consider the Travel Recommendations, one date information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

In these entry requirements for each country, documentation and visas needed to travel, security conditions, health status, vaccinations, currency and main telephone numbers listed.

2. Be reachable

It is convenient to let the Kin’s address and telephone number of hotels in which night becomes, in case they need to locate traveler.

Not more not registered in the Register of travelers to the Spanish authorities to trace the person or contact her in case of major emergencies (natural disaster, armed conflict, etc.).

3. Traveling with the necessary documentation and a day

Before leaving home, you should know precisely what official documentation will be needed in the places you visit. In the European Union simply the national identity, but the basic travel document is the passport. Keep in mind that some countries require a visa. To get it you must go to the Consulate or Consular Section of the Embassy of the destination country in Spain.

They are steps that can take time and require supporting documentation; therefore, it should apply well in advance.

4. How much money can be in cash?

To travel in Europe there is a limit of money that can be in cash.

This is indicated by the European Commission in its recommendations, which indicates that the amount can not exceed or equal the 10,000 euros. If exceeded, you have to declare to the customs authorities.

5. Respect the law and local customs

A traveler is presupposed respect for the place you visit. But it never hurts to remember that under no circumstances should acts that may involve an offense against the customs, symbols, or local law authorities. Good to know that legal action in Spain may be illegal and result in major fines or even jail in other countries.

It should be especially sensitive regarding religious beliefs.

It is important to note that there are places where there is no distinction between trafficking and consumption of drugs and that these offenses are punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty. In addition, in some countries it considers drug use some legal substances in Spain, including alcohol or certain medicines.

It may also be traffic offense artistic, historical or archaeological, and some products of animal or vegetable origin, so all that is acquired must be legal and have export permit .

6. In making the suitcase, do not forget health

An emergency? Everything must be planned! When traveling abroad it is essential to cover, in addition to knowing who or where to turn when they suffer a mishap:

In Europe we have the right to healthcare, provided they carry the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which issues from Social Security free. If you need an ambulance, or call the fire department, police, etc. It should dial 112 , a toll-free telephone throughout the EU.

You must travel with a health insurance have full coverage in case of illness or accident during the journey, including evacuation medicalized aircraft. The costs of hospitalization and medical treatment are borne by the patient and are usually very high.

If you are allergic or suffering from any other disease requiring medication out there that transport in hand luggage in their original containers with clear labels. It is very convenient to carry the name and contact details of the physician and all information on the treatment and the prescribed dose.

If the required medication includes syringes, you must have a medical report certifying that need. And we must also provide a certificate from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, in case of traveling with psychotropic drugs or narcotics.

7. Going to the embassy, if you suffer a serious setback

The most common problems abroad are the loss or theft of the documents, which may be issued again during office hours, at embassies and consulates.

A more fundamental problem is being stopped. In that case, you should immediately ask local authorities to make contact with the consul of Spain. And if the victim of a natural disaster or a violent act, you must go to the Spanish embassy or consulate in the destination or contact the Consular Emergency Unit ( telephone 913 948 900, during office hours). Outside these hours, you can call the Ministry at the phone 913 799 700 for serious situations.