Budget Friendly Tips to Make Your Home a Luxurious Accommodation


There is no denying of the fact that everyone loves to stay at hotels and enjoy the luxury and comfort that these stays offer. It is not a really practical to afford a hotel stay for longer time. But one thing that you can do is transform your existing home into a luxurious accommodation. If you are wondering that this can prove to be really expensive, then you are wrong. There are many affordable yet effective ways in which you can do so. The following are the top affordable ways to make your home look like a luxurious hotel accommodation: Continue reading “Budget Friendly Tips to Make Your Home a Luxurious Accommodation”

drinking water

Where does the drinking water in your home come from?

drinking water

If you drink plenty of water in order to keep yourself hydrated and healthy you may pour yourself several glasses a day straight from the tap in your home. The question is, where does this drinking water come from? Is drinking this water straight from the tap your safest option or do you need to rethink the way you get your drinking water?

We are going to explain where your household tap water comes from. After we have looked at this information we are going to take a look at why filtering your household water supply is a good idea.

Where does the drinking water in your home originate from?

There are different sources of the water that is pumped into your home by the utility company. Some water is obtained by digging wells in order to tap into underground sources; other water is collected from sources such as lakes and reservoirs.

Wherever water is obtained from it’s then treated by the utility company in order to remove any bugs that it may contain. This treatment process involves the use of chemicals such as chlorine. This means that the treated water is often not very pleasant to drink.

After the water has been treated, the utility company pumps it to your home along several pipes. As the water travels along these pipes it can pick up other chemicals as well as additives and dirt. Hopefully, you are starting to see that the water which comes from the tap in your home may not be the safest or most pleasant tasting liquid to drink.

How filtering your water supply can make a difference

We have talked about the origins of the drinking water in your home; now let’s take a look at how you can make it safer, and more appetising, to drink. The best way to do this is to use a water filtration product such as an indoor fountain.

Water fountains are not the only water filtration products available. You can choose from a wide range of products and systems which can help you to ensure that the water which you and your family drink is clean. There are free standing systems available as well as under sink water filters. This latter option is especially useful if you do not have a great deal of space available.

You can see that the water which is pumped to your home is often not the cleanest liquid you could choose to drink. That being said, it’s still a good idea to drink plenty of water each day; you just have to make sure it’s safe to drink and tastes good. The best way to do this is to invest in some form of water filtration for your home. Filtering your water supply removes any chemicals, additives and dirt that may be present. What you have left is a constant supply of clean and fresh water which you and your family can drink in complete safety.


Is there a difference between the water you get in bottles and filtered water?

bottles-and-filtered-waterMost people realise that there are many benefits associated with drinking water. If you include the drinking of plenty of water in your daily routine you can keep your body hydrated which is good for your overall health. Good hydration also has benefits for your appearance, such as helping to reduce the amount of wrinkles in your skin and keeping it supple.
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Tips For Small Business Start Ups

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business and have now decided to take the plunge? If so, you are no doubt overwhelmed with a myriad of details and decisions. After developing your product or service, its delivery, identified your target market and developed a marketing plan, the issues of operations and finance still remain. While no one can be an expert at everything, there are some basic business fundamentals with which every small business owner should familiarize themselves.
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Baby Back BBQ – Dry v Wet Rubs

Mastering the art of marinating meat is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to barbequing. Ribs in Perth definitely don’t get their famous smoky flavour if they haven’t been shown this kind of care and attention before they are cooked. The two main methods for marinating meat are called the ‘dry rub’ and the ‘wet rub’. Each technique has its own precise method in order to achieve maximum flavour.

This guide compares the two techniques to see which method gets the most out of meat.

Dry Rub

As the name suggests, the dry rub doesn’t involve any liquid at all. The best steak in Perth always has a rich, deep flavour so the dry rub works best when only a small amount is applied to the outside of the meat. The idea is to create a crust on the meat which is then cooked. This flavoursome crust is made from a mixture of different herbs and spices such as paprika, chilli and garlic powder. The paprika in the mixture dictates the smokiness of the sauce whilst the chilli dictates the heat.

Dry rubs work best on meat which does not require much cooking time. Steaks, fish and chicken are three of the most suitable candidates for the dry rub treatment. The trick is to let the ingredients sit on the skin for as long as possible so the meat becomes flavoured on the outside without overpowering the rest of the meat.

The grill should be turned to a high temperature to ensure the best results.

Tony Roma’s steak restaurants in Perth have used this method on steaks since opening over 40 years ago.

Wet Rub

The wet rub does as the name suggests and adds moisture to the ‘dry rub’ mixture. Lots of different liquids can be used to create the wet rub, each liquid will add a slightly different flavour into the mix. For example, a rich smoky taste will be created by adding bourbon or whisky to the dry ingredients. For a lighter, zestier taste honey and mustard can be rubbed onto the meat.

The wet rub is designed to infuse the whole of the meat with the flavour of the sauce. As for the consistency of the wet rub, this will range from a grainy paste to a light sauce.

A wet rub should be applied to meat which is going to be cooked over a long period of time. Ribs are the perfect food for a slow rub because they require hours of tenderising in the oven. Pork chops which are slowly cooked in the oven can be glazed in an apple and chilli sauce for maximum effect.

The wet rub should be handled carefully so that the flavour of the meat can still be clearly tasted. The meat should be turned over and reapplied with sauce every so often.

Hopefully, this guide has whetted some appetites for tasty marinated meat!


A Beginner’s Guide to BBQ!

When it comes to revamping a home, most people tend to focus most of their efforts on their indoors. After all, it’s the indoors that provides shelter and comfort no matter how bad the weather may be, and that means people want to ensure they feel proud with how their home’s interior looks. However, given the fact that Australia enjoys some fantastic weather, many homeowners like to make sure their outdoors looks amazing, too.
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jerky beef

4 Gluten Free Beef Jerky Recipes To Die For


Humans are extremely lucky to have evolved to the point of being able to cook a huge variety of tasty dishes. Indeed, every culture has meals that are specific to them, and most people enjoy trying different cuisine from all over the world. Nowadays, of course, people are no longer required to go out and hunt or scavenge for their own food, they can simply head to their local convenience store and choose from a wide selection of meals.

Many people like to buy all the ingredients necessary to make meals for themselves, especially if they either choose or need to eat gluten-free foods. Many people may feel proud of their cooking skills and think only they can make their favourite dishes just the way they like them. Plus, people who make their own food can try to customise meals in order to make them slightly unique.

In addition, people no longer have to purchase recipe books in order to find out how to make a meal. There are an abundance of comprehensive and easy to follow recipes that can be found online for just about any dish, and that’s just one reason why more and more people are trying to perfect their skills in the kitchen.

One food that has remained popular for decades due to its great taste if beef biltong, which is a dried, cured form of meat that originated in South Africa. Needless to say, those looking to enjoy this great food will only want to purchase from the best providers.

D Jay’s Gourmet makes the best beef jerky in many people’s minds, and people looking for the true best product on the market might want to start their search by reading about that company.

What can You Make with Beef Jerky?

At this point, many people wondering which gluten free dishes can be made using beef jerky or biltong. Though there are many, here are four popular favourites.

  • Biltong and cheese quiche – Quiches are a favourite amongst many people because they’re available in a wide range of flavours with multiple different fillings. One of the tastiest quiches has to the variety that’s filled with biltong and cheese.
  • Biltong muffins – To make this tasty dish, biltong, cheese, milk, eggs, flour, and oil are mixed in a bowl before being separated into muffins on a cake tray and subsequently baked for around 15 minutes.
  • Jerky pizza – The pizza is another famous meal that’s loved due to the variety of toppings available, and many people simply adore the taste of a pizza that’s been topped with generous amounts of jerky. Those who eat gluten free will need to purchase a gluten-free pizza base.
  • Biltong spread – Some people might want to make their own biltong spread that can make sandwiches on gluten-free bread taste even better. The only ingredients they’ll need are biltong powder, mayonnaise, cream, and lemon juice.

There are dozens of recipes loved by an abundance of people that use biltong as their main ingredient, but the above four are amongst the most popular. Given that biltong is a main ingredient in many recipes, people looking to purchase the product should do so from the best providers.


Best Foods For Gaining Weight in a Healthy Way


Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight. However, it’s not often talked about because society puts too much emphasis on being skinny to be beautiful. What they need to emphasize is being in a normal weight range is the best option. People are underweight for many reasons. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to gain weight so your body can function normally and you don’t wind up with more serious health issues. Gaining weight doesn’t mean to start eating fast food three times a day and eat pastries every chance you get. You need to do it in a healthy way or you’re not helping yourself. Here are some foods that you should be eating to gain some weight.
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Cape Town

Best Things to Do on a Short Break in Cape Town

Are you ready to take a short break from all your worries and daily activities you are usually engaged in? Searching for that special location that might offer you all you need to recharge your batteries on a short break during the weekend or when you have only a couple of days to spend on holiday? We have a recommendation for you today: Cape Town. Why? Simply because it has been voted the best city in the entire world and for a wide range of good reasons. It is a fascinating destination in South Africa that has a lot to offer in terms of location, fabulous sunsets, being close to the beach and the list can continue. You will feel so great there that you will get back home feeling like a new person ready to face any new challenge just after a short break.
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Hosting the Perfect 30th Birthday Party

There are moments in life that are memorable, and it’s during these times that we take a look to reflect on both our successes and failures in order to decide how to proceed. The 30th birthday is one that allows you to do just that. During this time, you are on the brink of moving into your middle-age years, and you’ve survived the hustle and bustle of the 20’s complete with college life, marriage, and raising young children. If someone you love is getting ready to celebrate their 30th year on this earth, you owe it to them to provide a fun environment in which to reflect by organising a surprise party, and there are some tips to make sure it’s a hit. Continue reading “Hosting the Perfect 30th Birthday Party”