Roux's New Orleans Style Snoballs
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Roux's New Orleans Style Snoballs are actual authentic snoballs located in New Tampa, Florida. We have brought a little bit of our home to you.

We are located in the Pebble Creek Plaza at 19651 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa 33647 or call us at 813-992-ROUX (7689).

Monday-Thursday 2-10pm
Friday 2-Midnight
Saturday 1130-Midnight
Sunday 1130-10pm
What is a snoball?

A snoball is a delicious frozen treat made of finely shaven ice, covered with your choice of handmade flavored syrups. It’s like eating fresh fallen snow covered with your favorite fun topping! They are made to order and worth the wait!  Once you try one of our snoballs you will not be disappointed!

Snoballs v. Snow Cones:

At Roux's, snoballs are not to be confused with snow cones. Snow cones are made with crushed ice. We use a special machine which shaves the ice, making the snoball as different from a snow cone as cotton candy is from taffy. They are light and melt in your mouth.  We also add delicious toppings like sweetend condensed milk, marshmallow fluff, evaporated milk, caramel sauce, sour spray and whipped cream in order to make your snoball expierence the best it can be.
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